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So I got my first real paycheck with my new job. It was awesome. I'm still quite broke given I didn't earn very much last month and this check going to be spent almost all at once, but it will float me to the next paycheck so long as I eat ramen and I don't owe more than $250 to the IRS when the deadline arrives. I fear I might owe the government more than that, which is why I'm waiting to pay the insurance on the townhouse until I know for sure. 

In related news, I think it might be in my best interest to look for a second job. Again. To earn extra money-axes to throw at my debt and fix my AC. Or, hell, buy a new AC. If I'm honest with myself, I'm not really in the financial position to make smutty short stories my second job yet. Will I? Eventually, but not for a while at the rate I'm going. As much as I hated, HATED working two jobs at once and as unlikely as it is I'll find something that will pay $11/hr, being so damn broke all the time with a mountain of debt is nerve-wracking.

Here's to squeaking by another month! (Somehow).

Word Count: 150 (I know, I was very bad last night)

EDIT: It's not final, but my twin think she's found that the US govn't owes ME $500! I'm really, really hoping this is the case. That would make convention season magical.
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