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I woke up with a bunch of bug bites on my legs yesterday--didn't discover the bites until I was undressing after work the next day. I had bedcovers over me and was wearing shorts. They're not like mosquito bites and that'd be unlikely anyway, given how many there are and the fact I had covers. Spider are solitary and don't leave more than one or two. If they were fleas, it'd be where I had hair, not my bare legs and ankles. I fear I may have bed bugs. I took apart the sheets, lifted the mattresses looking for any sign, but found nothing. Need to prepare/set traps/buy mattress covers to try and prevent outbreak while it's small. Or simply take it as a precaultionary measure.
I got a bunch of cleaning and laundry done!
The twin and her family are coming to visit this weekend! I'll be staying at my aunt's place over the weekend. (means I won't be getting much, if any, writing done). The twin mentioned going to the small petting zoo. As for other things to do, I don't know what we'll do. Lightning Octopus doesn't usually post until Thursdays. There is a balloon festival. That might be fun with the kids.  
The usual lack of progress. Looks like I've spent about 2 months on this 'short' story that I'm inching along. Last night, Dani and I met in our chat room, but began late and she had to stop short. I was distracted by bug hunting. All told, not a productive night, with maybe 100 words written. Tonight, I've got to get the writing done. I'd love it if there could be nothing else on my mind to worry about.

And maybe I'll sleep on the couch to avoid bite problems. 
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