Jan. 1st, 2015

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All my predictions of doom befalling me may have been a touch exaggerated.

At my retail job, I chatted w/ one of my co-workers about not being on the schedule. She explained that everyone who is a temp gets taken off the schedule and would then, later, be called back after inventory. And I was all, ‘But the other two dudes are scheduled to work 22 hours over the weekend next week and I’m only scheduled for 12, no weekend time. I’m pretty sure they’re ditching me. I’d be okay with it, except for them keeping That One Dude. Last night he was closing and FORGOT TO LOCK THE DOORS. He’s totally useless and they’re keeping HIM!’ I took this as an insult. Then my coworker dropped her voice and was all, ‘No, the super v told me you were the ‘only viable option’. We’re not keeping Forgets-to-lock-the-doors douchenozel’.

So. On the sea-saw of probability, I have moved the chances of me being hired on at the retail store to the side of likely to be called back. But that’s not guarantee, no promise. After all, being the ‘only viable option’ isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

In other news, I replaced three of the things I set out to replace today: my phone (my phone crapped out on me and I have insurance, so I filed a claim to get a new one), new socks (I had to throw away to 4 pairs in the past few months due to holes and lost friends), and new Sketchers (I loved my Sketchers; so well, they have a hole and required replacing). I also sought to replace my precious Doc Martins today. I found a pair on sale for a screaming deal of $60. Tried on one which fit like a dream. I ordered the sales dude to bring me the other with my eye full of sunshine. The second must not have been properly packaged because the place where the tongue met the toe was kinked. It’d eventually even out and conform to my foot, but not after giving me blisters. There were no others in my size. I can’t describe the level of bummed I was. I’ve worn my Doc Martins down to having a hole in the bottom of the sole. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT TAKES? As consolation, I bought more socks.   

I'm wearing my new Sketchers right this instant!

The rest of today is to be a writingpocalypse! I've got my coffee. Going to eat whatever's in my fridge cuz I'm not going out to spend any more money.


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