Feb. 11th, 2015

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Guess who wrote 1200 words during her buddy writing sprint yesterday? This girl!!!

It’s not likely I’ll finish the short n smutty tonight, but I’ll come close if I buckle down. If I maintain some vague keyboard pecking Thursday and Friday, I should be done with a first draft and can move on to the next short and smutty this weekend (necessary to my schedule). It’s unspeakably wonderful. I don’t have words to mark the change. I’ve gotten used to beating myself up for incompetence and laziness. What do I do with a productive me? If I keep on keeping on, I’m going to reach the goals I set. If I push myself, I can move the timeline forward—and as mentioned in previous posts, I need to move the timeline forward to coincide w/ the Phoenix Comic-Con.

Not to mention, I have no money and it’d be nice to start with something on the side.

I’m delighted by the resulting story. And it’s an Original Story, too, not just fanfic! I have an objective of publishing myself.  I’m somehow on schedule, somehow on time. Somehow getting ideas for the next short. Somehow pulling my shit together.

I think I’m going to look towards writing contests, too. Anything for some publicity, getting the word out. And I’ll have to pull from my pool of buddies to help me out.  

So much work.

I am the tortoise.


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