Apr. 30th, 2015

Fun Times

Apr. 30th, 2015 12:26 pm
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Super stoked for the movie tonight.
The plan is to light out of work (where I am now) at the stroke of 3:15. Head home, grab food, make sure the kitties are okay. See that & eats. She's been a finike eater for about the past year, year and a half. When I got home from work yesterday, she turned her little nose up at noms. Before bed, she nibbled. I thought that by this morning she'd be starving, but again, nibbles. She was far more interested in playing with her toy, which we did. I fear I'll have to shut the door to keep Coco out and let & graze. This would not be an issue, except my bedroom gets hella hot and we don't got no A/C at the moment. 
Not that & leaves the room even when she can. 
Writing sprints went well last night. I got in about 600 words, go me. I don't expect to get much of anything--nothing at all--done tonight.
This weekend's goals: 2000 words Saturday. Sunday, I need to pull together my D&D campaign, see if I can't wrangle this cray-cray story into the technical play. . .stuff.


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