May. 11th, 2015

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So Saturday was once more a writing sprint day. I did what I suppose could be considered the bare minimum for a weekend, 1,000 words. I really, really needed to hit 2000. For one, I set up my word count goals assuming I’d be able to do about 4000 words over the weekend—something I have not been able to do over the past few months. I am currently about 11,000 words behind goal. Again, better than the whole heap of nothing I’d been responsible for before—I’ve done about 55,000 words this year, so far. How can I possibly complain or berate myself for THAT?

But. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; if I want short n’ smutties to work, I have to kick things in to gear. And write more. Finish more. It’s ok that I have this series which is BDSM, where each part is 15,000-17,000 words each with a plot arch. That’s a good idea! Some people want more plot with their smut. But that means it takes me two months to write each rather than three weeks, not precisely the business model that will work very well for me. I’ve yet to write something that is a true smut short, 5000 words or less where things happen, executed and are wrapped up in a single tale.  This might not be my forte. It might not be a thing I can pull off even though I want to.

What has also been impeding my productivity is back pain. My back has been giving me trouble ever since college. Back then, it was only ever intermittent. For the past few months, it’s gotten worse. I feel that twinge and I know I’ve got to lay down, stat, or else it will pass some threshold and the agony of a pinched nerve is unending for WEEKS. So far I’ve avoided the worst of it. But it seems to be persistent, always hovering. Worse, I fear it may be that the fancy, supposedly ergonomic desk chair I bought might be making things worse. My fancy office chair might not be much, if any better due to both blatantly being made for full-sized adults.   

Also: two seconds ago I realized it's May 11th and I have not ordered business cards. I fucking have to do that tonight, if I have any hope of being prepared for PHXCC! I am not fucking up like I did at the SDCC. No way, no how. 




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