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I arrive at the Phoenix Humane Society and approach the front desk:


Humane Dude, standing next to new Volunteer:  Hi nepenthe. Are you here for your walk through?

Me: Yup.

Humane Dude, to Volunteer: Anna, this is nepenthe. She’s one of our regulars looking for her cat. Do you know the cat areas?

Anna: Er, I’m not sure of all the places I need to go.

Humane Dude: nepenthe can show you where to go, can’t you?

Me: Sure! Follow me.


*Sigh* I fear I won’t ever see my baby Bunny.

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No sign of Bunny. I miss her. Had another dream where I found her out at a park, just by happenstance. For whatever reason, I was there with one of my friends from middle school and the Twin. She came right over to me and let me pick her up. Made Chrissy go back to find my car and bring it around, as I had my cat carrier in it. But soon after I sent her, I realized she wouldn’t recognize my car and ended up walking with a frightened, sometimes struggling Bunny. We got over to the car and that was about when I woke up.

Yeah. Miserable way to wake up.

Then Ampersand comes over and is all, “Why u sad, lady? Feed me.” *Paw plant on face*

Then I drove out to the shelters.

The Phoenix shelter guy was all, “Here for the walk-through?”

I was, “Yup.”

“Black cat, short hair, right? We got a new one in this morning. Don’t think she’s old enough, but we’ll take a look.”

At least they’ve got Bunny’s BOLO (10 years old, all black, short hair, yellow-green eyes, S to M size—the student volunteer who walked me though even remembered Bunny’s a little thin-haired by the ears) memorized and know where to direct me first. 

Things are going well for me otherwise. Things would be all-out excellent if I didn't have my little girl missing, still. At this point, I'm just hoping someone's taken her in and is feeding her and keeping her well cared for, like I'm taking care of Ampersand. I don't want to think about the other possibilities. 


Sep. 25th, 2011 09:47 pm
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Pulling your Arizonan black cat out of a pool of sunlight is like pulling her out of the tuble dryer.

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Bunny and her post-surgery shave:

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Yay! Bunny's surgery went well. She is back home, eating the soft food and is high as a kite on 'the good stuff'. It should wear off in a few hours and then I'll put her on the regular pain killers. The nurse said she'd be drowsy. This is NOT the case. She's wound up and loopy--a combination which meant she spent about 3 minutes licking her empty food dish and ran head-long into a door jam. This concerns me, but I've been assured that she will (probably) crash soon.

Update, 8:45-ish:

Aaaaand CRASH (drugged cat passed out on lap)
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It turns out my little one has an abscessed tooth :(  

The vet said it wasn’t an emergency, but (obviously) need to be taken care of within a few days. She extracted a whole lot of puss and blood from Bunny’s face which was as horrible as it sounds, although she was a perfect little angel and let the doctor get on with it.  Because it was late, no one was in to do surgery and no one is in tomorrow, so Bunny is going in on Monday morning to have the tooth removed. In the meantime, she’s on a regiment of antibiotics to fight the infection. I’ve been told cats think it tastes terrible, but it works the best.

The down side is I suspect this will get expensive :( but I'll pretty much do anything for my little one to feel better.

Oh Noes!

Jan. 7th, 2011 10:14 pm
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My cat's face is all swollen on one side. She's still eating her food bites okay, but I'm worried. We're going for a trip to the vet tomorrow. Poor Bunny!

Happy Bunny:

Bunny with swollen face:


On Cake

Feb. 3rd, 2010 02:28 pm
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Update--I spoke with Dr. Frank-N-Furter and guess what? I'm all set with the cake place and I didn't even have to lie about anything.

Called my sister and was contrite (I probably shouldn't have hung up on her, and I think she realized she shouldn't have yelled at me).

This is why I shouldn't rant late at night. Things usually work out given time and look silly in daylight (although my Twin yelling at me because I didn't want to lie to my future employer was . . . SRSLY?! Still isn't reasonable in daylight. I am NOT that asshole).

Unfortunately, today couldn't possibly let me off the hook. I accidentally hit a cat. Well, ran over its tail, but. A CAT. It was black/brown, just lying in the middle of a three lane street. I thought it was a pothole, since there are potholes all over Sun City after the rain they've had. I try to avoid them, but all the weaving is sort of dangerous and my car can handle the bumps so when I saw this black shape emerge from under the car driving in front of me (who never slowed down or weaved) I thought it was another hole until I was literally on top of it and managed to swerve enough to not hit it full-on, but as I looked out my rearview, I knew I'd hurt it. It'd rolled and jumped up and RAN INTO THE TRAFFIC. So me being me pulls over and tries to coax the cat and direct traffic like a moron. Of course the cat hates me and runs off across the other three lanes of east-bound traffic and away.

*sigh* Part of me thinks it was just not such a bright creature and you know, natural selection is a bitch. But then I think of Ichabod, who is dumb enough to think sunning himself on the nice, warm three-lane concrete is a fantastic idea, but he's the sweetest little boy ever and doesn't deserve some idiot to run over his tail. And I think of my Bunny who would have blended in with the black asphalt. . .

This has been a messed up week. I want a do-over. 

I think I'm gonna pretend the past three days never happened. It's Monday. Anything is possible once again! I'm on good terms with the Twin! I've landed a cake job and might yet be an assist. manager in retail! I'm not a cat murderer!

Much better.
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Yes. Bunny is just that cute.


Jan. 7th, 2010 10:03 pm
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