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I met baby Camden yesterday, yay!

The twin got in late Saturday night, and I got off work early yesterday and drove out to the grandparents'. Baby Camden was wide-eyed awake, smiling and giggling. He is the most obscenely easy baby in the history of ever. Chrissy says he sleeps through the night most nights nowadays (at 4 months, all through the night, guys!) and in the entire 8 hours I was there, he didn't do more than fuss a little. Once. No screaming, no crying. Baby Natalie would throw a fit at least once every three hours. Toddler Natalie cried crocodile tears twice while I was there. Not that there's anything wrong with Natalie, it's just Camden, man. Insane.

Anyway. Natalie. Ridiculously cute kid. She saw me and made a beeline, which is a bit of a shame because she was supposed to be taking a nap, but whatever. I sorta ran her into the ground (as she ran ME into the ground). We made play-dough 'pizzas', did puzzles, colored a My Little Pony coloring book, swatted a tennis ball around with fly-swatters and all other sort of running amok. It was awesome. 

Three-year-olds also ask the darnedest questions, too. 

Natalie: "Are you my mommy, too?"

To her, it'd be as her mom sudden sprouted a doppelganger. How confused must this three-year-old be? Poor kid. We spent a good 10 minutes explaining to her how Chrissy and I are twins, that if Chrissy had had two Camdens at once, and they might look exactly alike and that was why me and her mom looked the same: we were sisters who were born at the same time. 

Yeah, YOU explain the concept of a zygote splitting in two and developing as two genetically identical humans to a three year old.

Then there was the Confusion. Because while Christina has called me "Jane" or "Janie," as I have called her "Chrissy," for our ENTIRE LIFE--around relatives and everyone all. the. time. and no one has batted so much as a single eye, the second Natalie started on "Tita Jane," our aunt and uncle and grandparents were all, "Who's Jane?"

Then again, I can't really blame them. The first time Raphie referred to me as "Jane," I had no idea who he was talking to. It's just really, really, really weird when anyone aside from Chrissy or Natalie calls me Jane. I mean, not even my other sister, Danielle, calls me Jane. 

My aunt was all, "When did that start?"
And I was all, "In utero. I'm pretty sure it was in utero."
And my aunt was all, "But I've never heard her call you Jane."
And I was all, "She's been calling me Jane for the past hour! Along with every other time we've been around each other. Ever. "
And everyone was all, "We never noticed."
And Raphie was all, "Your family seems to miss the obvious."
And I was all, better check, "You guys did realize I call her Chrissy, right?"
And they're all, "No?"

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Can't believe I haven't posted photos yet, so here one is! My baby nephew, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


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