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Me:  Coco, fetch me a cup of hot coco!
Coco: *Closes eyes as she lays, listless next to a toy*
Me: What? Are you're mad at me for abandoning you to work 15 hours a day?
Coco: *Says nothing*
Me: I have to work. They made overtime mandatory. And we need the money to buy noms.
Coco: *Ears twitch at the magic word, 'noms'*
Me: No, I've already fed you. It's not as though I enjoy work more than cuddling or feeding or brushing or playing with you. Quite the contrary, I'd rather be here with you, but we would have nothing if I didn't work.
Coco: "Why don't you get a better job, Mom?"
Me:  .. . . .
Coco:  . . . . . 
Me: The deep end. i have gon over it. 
Coco: *Jumps up, sprawls over lap* "I will comforts you."
Me: Thanks, Coco. 
Coco: "I also dropped a bomb in the litter box."
Me: Of course you did.
Coco: *Rolls belly up* "I love you, Mom"
Me: I love you, too, Coco.

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I accidentally booped my cats on the head the other day. Makes me feel like the worst parent in the world.

I meant to brush Coco who was playing behind the couch so I waved her brush enthusiastically around the corner. She bounded out equally enthusiastic, right into the brush I was waving about and "bonk" went her head. Betrayal. Coco loves brushing, how could I bonk her head?! She was a bit reluctant to be brushed after that, which made me feel like Worst Parent Ever.

The next morning, I went to pick up my Ampersand to give her her good-bye cuddle. She was purring, happy, and Mom didn't watch what she was doing when lifting her up and I bonked her head on the sliding door handle. Ampersand hid in terror under the bed. Again, Worst Parent Ever. No apologies or shaking of the sparkle toy would coax her out again.

For the house, I'm awaiting word back on whether or not they'll fix what's wrong. They claim no one has lived in the house since 1979, which is a big, huge, massive fucking lie: who walked on the tiles so often they're broken where they sat on the couch, stood at the sink, trafficked the kitchen? Who used the water heater so often it corroded the pipes? They claim they know nothing about bugs, but there's termite treatment right fucking there, the tube less than a few years old. I do not like liars. If they say they won't fix things that are wrong with the place, I will have to think long and hard about whether or not I'm gonna follow through (it's not move-in ready if the wiring isn't right and the hot water heater's busted). Still waiting to find out if the roof is covered by the HOA or if it's individual. 

Oh, life. You are bothersome.

In other news, work sucks, but not as bad when now I know I'm going to get $800 this month for my commission check and my level of pressure will go down starting in October when I stop selling shit.
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It only took two hours and 45 min, but I did get to see Grumpy Cat for about 20 seconds and have my photo taken with her. She is cute as hell.
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Me: *Removes Ampersand from desk chair* *Sits*
Ampersand: *Runs and hides under bed*

20 min-ish later

Ampersand: "Mew!"
Me: "What's wrong, Ampersand?"
Ampersand: *Piteous* "Meeeeew."
Me: *Stands up to check on Ampersand*
Ampersand: *Darts out from under the bed to jump up on desk chair, lies down*
Me: "Right. I'll just work on my laptop in the living room with Coco, shall I?"
Ampersand: *Unrepentant* 

Coco Pics!

Jun. 21st, 2013 12:06 pm
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Gratuitous Chere Coco Chanel, The Detroyer pics!

Why Mom never gets any work done:

A Coco Box:

But she's so cute:

And my baby, Ampersand:

Coco and Ampersand got along. Once.


Aug. 20th, 2012 06:05 pm
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I don’t like my job.

I really, really don’t like my job. I work for a cruise line, in sales. I’m good at my job; I got 99% on my last performance review, get a fair # of reservations, and even get people who are so shocked by my level of customer service they request to speak to my supervisor just to say nice things about the level of shocked they are that someone does that good of a job.

But there are so many stupid people.

So, so many stupid people.

Allow me to break my silence and document their stupidity.

My #1 pet peeve is making a statement, but intending for me to infer the question you are asking. Exhibit A:

Guest: I’ve sailed with you before, but I don’t know my guest number.

nepenthe: Okay.

Guest: . . . . . . .

nepenthe:  Are you asking the question: what is my guest number?


Fine. It’s not all that great a leap of logic to work out that they are asking what their guest number is. However it is insanely, ridiculously simple to ask a question. Fuck, it’s only my goddamn job to answer your questions! You needn’t ask: “May I ask you a question?” Of fucking course you can!

If I could say what I really wanted to say, the above conversation would go like this:

Guest: I’ve sailed with you before, but I don’t know my guest number.

nepenthe: Okay.

Guest: . . . . . . .

nepenthe: You’ve made a statement. If you’d like to construct a question, please consult a book concerning English syntax and grammar.  Remember: we need to use our words!



General stupidity abounds. If I had a nickel every time any of this shit happened:


nepenthe:  What’s your phone number?

Guest: Yes.


nepenthe: Who will be joining your for this vacation?

Guest: I don’t want to make a reservation! I’m not telling you!


How I’d like to respond to the previous statement:


nepenthe: Who will be joining your for this vacation?

Guest: I don’t want to make a reservation! I’m not telling you!

nepenthe: Like I give a shit if you make a reservation. “Who will be joining you for this vacation” is a polite way to ask: how many people and what are their ages. Since you seem to speak “asshole” I’ll speak in your language: how many fucking people, because the goddamn ticket price for the cabin varies depending on how many are going, and I'm assuming that at some point, you might want to know THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU’LL PAY. Now if you’re not sure of who all is going, you may say, “I’m not sure. Could be X or Y” and, I know this is crazy, but I’ll price BOTH out for you.

I could go on. Really.

But I'm not because Chere Coco finally ate food tonight, yay Coco! She seems to be feeling much better, coming out from under the bed, eating, drinking. To celebrate, let's take a look at some gratuitous Chere Coco Chanel photos! 

Look at those whiskers! They are some crazy long whiskers. Only thing you can't really see in these shots are her eyes. They are super crazy too; black pupil, surrounded by a multi-colored iris. There's a ring of green around her pupil and that's surrounded by yellow-green and that's surrounded by gold.  But she is the sweetest little girl. My shots kept being ruined because as soon as I showed any interest in her, she's jump up and come over to be petted and cuddled. I took a nap this afternoon and little Coco couldn't get close enough for a cuddle. She laid down on my face (so much fur you guys. so much fur). Not sure if wanting cuddles or trying to smother me. Maybe both. 


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