Feb. 6th, 2011 08:15 pm
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I am required to show effex my new dolls, so here they are:



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I chatted with [personal profile] effex today while I should have been working. This could only lead to trouble. She’s been mooning over toy dolls online and shared some very cool ones with me. I shared some of the ones I’ve been longing for, too. I got home, called her and was all, “My poor Doctor. He’s the lone articulated doll among a village of kokeshi” and effex was all, “There’s one Martha Jones 12” left”. And there was. One. And she was on sale. And Ten is all on his own. People, it has reached the point where he doesn’t even put pants on anymore and the red lingerie disturbs company.

I asked effex if she was okay with me ordering Martha because last doll and it was effex who’d wanted her to begin with. Effex graciously insisted Ten’s need for Martha was greater than hers, which is a difficult position to argue against given, you know. Pants.  

So I ordered Martha Jones.

This made me feel guilty for not purchasing the Elloywne I’ve wanted for, like, forever. I mean, here I am purchasing Martha Jones on a whim and the one I want—one I’ve thought about a lot, actually—remains a despairing sigh.

So I ordered her.

There remains one other doll I want, and she’s on the soon-to-be-sold-out list. Which means I’ll probably cave, but I’m going to hold myself back until after this next month because I need a new car like yesterday. And a bookshelf.


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