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The cliffs and vertigo experienced so much of in Jerome and Sedona was bad enough, but nothing prepares you for The Canyon. You look out on it and it's so wide, so deep, so vast, it's unreal. No, literally. If the wind weren't blowing like heck and the clouds and spot of sunlight hitting your skin, the Canyon's almost too big to be true.

Almost. )
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I loved visiting Red Rock National Park. When I got in that morning, the nice lady at the entry station told me a tour would be starting up in a bit, which was perfect. Our tour guide was a retired professor by the name of (and I'm not making this up) Bob Dick. Here's Bob at the start of our tour:

I learned a lot, honestly. Bob asked everyone who wanted to go on the tour how long they wanted to be out an' about, and what they most wanted to hear about. We got a rush-geology lesson, which was cool, and got to hear all about the native population. About 5 minutes into our walk What Most Concerned me was: WTF, IS THIS NIGHTSHADE?

Yes. Yes, that is nightshade. There was a lot of nightshade. In fact, there was a whole grotesque field full of post-bloom nightshade bursting with their sickly golden-orange berries:

They're not easy to see in the photo, but the little round balls on all those plants are bundles of poison, not to mention the poisonous spines on the stalks. Bob's helpful advice? "Jus' don't wander off the path or touch 'um"

On that cheerful note, scenery! )

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I've been neglecting this journal of late, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. Au contraire, I've been wandering the state of Arizona and have returned with photographic evidence. Day One, Jerome.

The Hotel Connor: a brothel!

I'm not a very good photo-journalist. If I were, I would have done a better job of photographing this tiered mountain city. As it is, I took a lot of photos of the artful way many of the buildings have come to disrepair. )


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