Oct. 25th, 2013 01:24 pm
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So I signed some papers this morning and at some point today I'm getting keys and and HOUSE. SOMEONE IS GIVING ME HOUSE. HOUSE, GUYS.
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The Bad News: 

No surprise, but I have been put on 'corrective action' at work. I promptly turned around and switched over to a guest services position where I'll be doing customer service day in, day out. Starting at the end of the month. So no more commissions and my wage will be $11/hr. Not good.

The Good News:

The offer I put on the three-story, orange grove court yard townhouse went through.

You read that right; THE OFFER WENT THROUGH. Not that this is the end; I’ve got a ten day period where I can back out, say no. My lovely realtor is organizing an inspector to come through the house to check it for anything that might be wrong. I should have a second inspector go through the place. I’ll get a fucking home warranty, too; if the roof starts to leak, if the water heater or, heaven forbid, the a/c goes out, I’m not dealing with it. So. Ten days. That’s Sept. 30th (when I start the ‘guest services’ position). After that, it’s 30-35 days for the loan to go through fully. Two months. I have to keep my job for two more months and once I’ve moved into my new, beautiful townhome I can apply for a new job.  

And find a, well, I’d say roommate, but they’d have their own goddamn one-bedroom apartment downstairs, so.  

Please, please, please let this not blow up in my face, as I'm going to let myself be provisionally happy.



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