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Comic-Con San Diego is the biggest Pop Culture convention in the world and was back in full force this year.

All the photos behind the cut! )
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Zippers for the petticoat? Check.

Light-weight bustle that looks fucking amazing? (an astonished) Check. 


1. 'Finish' on velvet so I'm not shedding + tassels.

2. Extend skirt. (might involve re-dying and cutting lace)

3. Yellow Phone Box and sign post (will be stopping at Home Depot, as Goodwill has not furnished what I need)

The Thursday schedule has posted. Am so, so, so v. excite!


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It's time to start on all those 'improvements' (finishing) I wanted to do on the IDRIS dress. 

A month, oh hell.


May. 28th, 2012 11:29 pm
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The  Dress in progress. It was a lot to do in very little time. Thursday morning came about and not only did I have the lace sleeves to attach, but I had the grey undersleeves to dye, cut, and sew not to mention the six bows to make and attach and the velvet sash to cut, sew and braid. Then the bodice and lace would need 'distressing' (ie, painting). It didn't seem like I could do it. After about 2 hours of fighting the grey sleeves, I thought, 'I could go to Goodwill and see if I can't just buy a grey, long sleeve shirt that would do the trick'. So I went. Sure enough, there was the perfect long sleeved grey shirt wait for me. One problem solved. Only a million more to go (I dreaded attaching the sleeves). I was beginning to think I shouldn't even bother--I could wear it for the San Diego Con and that would be alright. However, I'm made it a habit to listen to podcast or YouTube stuff while I was working.  Up came the new Adam Savage Maker Fare video which I was eager to see. No joke, his level of passion to re-create movie props and talking about how wanting to have the things makes us not only make, but forces us to learn new skills to have those things and to go out there and make what we can't NOT make . . . I was spurred on. I worked as long as I dared, as I wanted to go to the convention that afternoon so I could enjoy preview night and buy stuff, freeing me to go to panels and the party Friday night.


In packing and transferring my money and con supplies from my regular purse to a smaller one for use at the con, I forgot to add my journal. I'd made it out to my car and frankly didn't feel like walking the few feet it'd take me to fetch it so I compromised with myself; there were sure to be journals for sale at the con and if I found one I liked, I'd buy it.

On to the convention!!!!!

Her scales are puffy paint. Brilliant!

Missy's super secret surprise con gift.

Best t-shirts of the con. Totally a party I'd love to attend.

A brave, brave man this silver surfer.

I'd promised myself that if I found a journal I liked, I'd go ahead and buy one at the con. Be ware of what you promise yourself; I encountered a replica River Song spoilers journal. A hand-made, leather bound, River Song spoilers journal. It was beauuuuuutiful. I caved. Below is a photo of my swag. The journal, buttons and a bow made out of old comic book panels (awesome--apparently this con was all about the hand-made goodies). I didn't find any art I liked or comics I was interested in, and the t-shirt I liked wasn't available in my size, which was a bummer.

I met a very nice vender at one of the booths full of Doctor Who buttons and book marks. We got to chatting and I mentioned that I was working on my Idris dress and wasn't sure if I could complete it, but I so wanted to, being inspired by Adam Savage and seeing the people in Doctor Who garb I wanted to join. She said she would be wearing her TARDIS dress tomorrow and really, really, really wanted to see my dress and promised me a free button if I wore it (see doctor button above).  I would later find out from some nice ladies I met at a Thai food place down the street that this vender had proceeded to tell EVERYONE who stopped at her booth about how there was a girl who was going to dress up as Idris and she couldn't wait to see the costume. Wait 'til y'all see her TARDIS dress--it is super clever, ya'll.

That night I got home and got to work. And worked and WORKED. I attached one sleeve inside out, costing my half and hour, but somehow I managed to do the impossible and did all the above mentioned things by 1 AM. Don't ask me how. I don't know. But I was so happy, so excited, and I couldn't wait for the Party Like a Timelord party to be thrown the next night.


I had a terrible nightmare involving a tornado and trying to descend a staircase in a huge high rise to get to safety amid a throng of idiots who didn't understand the danger and there were some creepy people chasing me and at the end I realized I'd spent all my time running and I'D MISSED THE PARTY. ALL I WANTED WAS TO ATTEND THE TIMELORD PARTY. I was devastated you guys, devastated!

To my relief, I awoke and found I had the whole day ahead of me. Nothing was going to stop me from attending my party and having the best day ever!

First up was LeVar Burton:

This guy was a huge part of my childhood, appearing both in Reading Rainbow and on Star Trek. 

To open, he was all: How about your sheriff?
and we, the audience went: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
and he was all: Now, now, just because he'd the villian, doesn't mean you have to boo.
and we, the audience went: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Later on, a little girl came up, super adorable, and asked him how long it took him to put on his makeup. It took him two seconds to answer, 'Twenty minuets' and because it was so short, LeVar asked her if she had another question and she said she didn't think she could because there was a man at the back of the line who might get angry with her if she did (referring to the red shirt who screens questions). 

and LeVar said: Now, now, just because he's the villain

and left it at us laughing and the red shirt putting his hands up in surrender.

I decided I wanted to find out a little more who/what drew him in to reading because the man is passionate about children's lit. So I go up to the mic to ask him what drew him in, who got him reading. And I said what I shouldn't of said, which was, "Hi, my name is Buffy." To which I got, "I've never met a Buffy before. Is that your real name?" and what I should have said was, "I've never met a LeVar before. Are you sure that's your real name?" But of course I didn't, I just got really embarrassed and somehow LeVar Burton got me to tell him and everyone at the Phoenix Comic-Con my full name. It was awkward, but I did get to ask my question and he said the kindest, sweetest things about how much his mother meant to him, how she got him reading by not only reading to him, but reading in front of him. And then he closed by saying, " 'Buffy' really suits you" and I was all, "Okay? Thanks, I guess". And he was all, "No, no seriously, the name really, really suits you."

Yes, LeVar. I KNOW.

Then we sang the Reading Rainbow theme song together. I SANG THE READING RAINBOW THEME SONG WITH LEVAR BURTON!!!!!!

I don't even know how it gets better you guys.


Here's the awesome vender's TARDIS dress! That lamp on her head had a little electric tea light. It was AWESOME!!!

And then she gave me a free button and bookmark for being dressed as Idris! Yay for free swag.

There was an awesome full sized TARDIS. Here's me as Idris, at the TARDIS.

Shortly thereafter, I ran into another Idris, plus Rose and Ten!

The next panel I attended was for costume making, specifically about adapting normal patterns to be used for costume making. I went to ask questions about how the hell to make a light-weight bustle because I'd gone with rolling up a bunch of fabric. This was a bad choice; it was much, much, much too heavy and all day it felt like my ass was falling off and I kept having to hitch it up.

I got there a bit early and one of the hosts zeroed in on me and after guessing I was Alice (of Wonderland) and me clarifying I was an obscure character from Doctor Who, I was asked to be a model in her costume fashion show. Which was the next day, Saturday 1-4 which there was no way I could make as I had to work. I felt: A) Flattered, really, really flattered because this lady owns A Stitch in Time and makes costumes professionally for convention goers and B) Like a total fraud because it took me 4-5 months to pull this off. Not helpfully, I explained that I don't actually know what I'm doing and the last sewing project I did was assisting someone else make me a dress and the last project I completed all by myself was make a pillow. In middle school.

She gave me her card and asked me to tell her how I made the sepia water stains look real (it's water based wood stain, maple) and I pumped her for ideas on how to make a light weight bustle (zip-tie boning or a water noodle, brilliant! Can you say 'project'?!).

After that, I had some time to kill so I went to the Big Big Finish panel. I didn't realize that none of the people who work on Big Finish were going to be there, just some local radio host and a blogger. It was akin to an hour-long sales pitch. One expects some busking to go on during these things, naturally artists do panels in part to promote their work. But this started to become painful so I did what I'd not done before and walked out, choosing to go wander the floor and costume watch.

I arrived at a Doctor Who character convergence at the TARDIS:


Epic Battle Pond is Epic!

It was a blast! We shouted "Geronimo" and "Allons-y" and "Gallifrey" and generally drew a massive crowd desperately snapping photos. Then Rose with the Really Big Gun took charge and was all, "Does everyone know the 500 Miles video?" and we're all, "DUH" and she's all, "We're doing that." So if you don't know the context, here's the video we're doing:  

And here's use contributing, 

Here's me and Black Swan:


It's a TARDIS cycle. A. TARDIS. Cycle.

And really, who wouldn't want a Time Lord between their legs?

I met a group of girls who remembered me from LeVar Burton's panel at the Thai food place that night and together we went to the geek battle. It's a debate competition where nerds are paired off and are assigned a 'side' of a controversial debate to defend. And trust me, the categories were EPIC. They gave the example of, "Whose a better starship captain, Picard or Kirk?". That's the topic, who is defending which side is given at random, for a True Geek (TM) would be able to defend either side. Categories from the show: "Who's sexier, Thor or Captain America?" "Which is a better time machine, the TARDIS or the Delorean?" "Who has bigger Daddy issues, Luke Skywalker or Batman". My favorite of the night was easily the Thor v. Captain America debate which was HILARIOUS. The biggest, most disappointing one was TARDIS v. Delorean. Neither participant knew much of anything about their assigned topic and there was much frustration and grumbling in the audience. I declared that if I were assigned the TARDIS, I would have done it entirely in the first person. 

Then the girls and I went up to the game room to play Apples to Apples for a bit before we set out for the Party Like a Timelord party. In the lobby, we ran into another group of Doctor Who fans also going to the party. An Amy recognized me as Idris and asked for a hug, which I gave happily and we chatted about costumes. Then I invited her and her party to walk over with us, as we knew where we were going and they didn't. So I went over with her to the rest of the group where there was a rather good-looking Eleventh Doctor wearing a red bow-tie who looked delighted at the sight of an Idris and politely asked for a hug too and in doing so, I accidentally set off his sonic screwdriver.
Make what you will of that; I totally got his number by the end of the night.

Battle Pond, again, on the way to the party!

LEGO TENTH DOCTOR. LEGO. TENTH. DOCTOR. His sonic lit up and everything--would go on to win the Best Doctor competition that night. A well-deserved win. I promise to post video from the party later because you guys, srsly, this party was everything I dreamed it might be. The line to get in wrapped around the block and I suspect a lot of people got turned away, as max capacity was 300.

There were more than 300 in that line, I assure you.

A sambaing 5th Doctor, Sarah Jane, and fully functioning K-9

Here's a photo of our AMAZING host who was the perfect embodiment of the Fifth Doctor, phenomenal, funny, witty, and capable of DESTROYING hecklers. The DJs were amazing, the playlist was dead on. A perfect evening.

So I flirted with the Eleventh Doctor and exchanged #s (and as of this Monday, I just got back from a sushi date with him and I am SO seeing him again). I had to work on Saturday, so we made plans to meet up and attend the Masquerade together that evening.

I barely slept I was so incandescently happy, yes for having a date, but mostly because I'd had nothing but fun for an entire day and made friends and it was just amazing.


I arrived for the masquerade excited as all get-out. Here are some photos of the costumes I saw ON MY WAY. I thought, 'If these are just random people, I can't wait to see this show!"

Here's some random people in the audience for the masquerade:

So I got a weird text from my Eleventh Doctor, something about how if my friend had lost their phone, it's at the Hyatt which I didn't get. I mean, I didn't think he knew any of the girls I hung out with from the other night. So time went on and there were no other texts from him and it got on, and he didn't show. 

I was rather depressed to be stood up, but what else should you expect from the Eleventh Doctor.

The show was rather. . .not good. There was a little kid dressed as the Dark Lord Saruan which was cool, and then this adorable little girl who got lots of awwwwwwws:

Then there was this:

and really not much else aside from a very good full-bodied puppet of a robot that lit up and the audience went crazy. 

Overall, the masquerade was terrible, so I'll just let the furies and a few jedi explain how bad: 

On Sunday night, I learned from the Eleventh Doctor that he'd LOST HIS PHONE and had spent a miserable night trying to find it, unable to find me and generally wallowing in total misery convinced I'd never want to see him again and out a brand new iPhone. Rather than enjoying his Sunday at the convention, he spent the entire time trying to find his phone, which he finally did. We went out for sushi tonight and I'm very much for going out again.

So. Convention, a success.

I promise to put of video of the dance party and as much of the Doctor competition as I can (my camera ran out of memory half way through and I didn't get it all :(   ).

Good night to all, and I hope you enjoyed your pic spam! 


May. 26th, 2012 08:29 am
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It's about three inches too short, argh, but otherwise it was totes awesome


May. 25th, 2012 08:29 am
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Somehow, impossibly, I finished my dress last night. Sleeves attached, distressed-painted, sash et all. 


They will be posted along with stories when I'm not convention-ed out or about to head off (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!). (Whovians. Whovians EVERYWHERE). The Whovian Ball starts at 7:30 and goes to midnight. This is going to be a night to remember (if I don't faint of heat stroke first--why did I want a bustled dress in 107 degree heat, again? Right, intended for San Diego).
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Disaster has struck: I must not have gotten all of the bleach out and overnight, my lace has turned a nasty pinkish hue. Total disaster. Might have to bleach AGAIN, then try dying it AGAIN.

In other news, this cold has turned my nose into a snot fountain and my throat hurts. WHY HAS IT GOTTEN WORSE INSTEAD OF BETTER? I've fed it tea and juice and taken naps and not exerted myself for three days and this had better be its last throes. Am going to lay down and not think about how inept I am at this fabric dying thing. 
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Might have solved the color problem:

I think I'll wait for my swatch sample to arrive before I jump in and do any final sewing. It's frustrating that I can't get any real sewing done until I've chosen/created the right fabrics.  
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Progress on the IDRIS costume is progressing. Am not entirely happy with the lace, but it's near impossible to replicate.

Here's the petticoat in progress (Ampersand was 'helping'):

The yellow is broadcloth called "Banana cream yellow". The tulle for the ruffles is. . .shower curtain.

And the lace and blue backdrop:

I think it's too blue. Needs more grey. And it's a bit too cheerful. Not to worry. Will be doing more dye tests tonight for the lace and see what can be done about it. 

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Acquired: retro 70’s yellow telephone with curly-q cord and purple velvet cloth, both purchased for $4 from Goodwill.

This costume will be amazing.
Am off to do more work on X-Files fic.


Aug. 6th, 2011 09:46 pm
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I’ve come up with the crazy notion of making my own IDRIS costume. Because I have all the time and the monies. Right.  The level of awesome it’d be to make myself, the fun of having a craft project to work on and the resulting fun it’d be to dress up when it’s all done . . . yep. Worth it.

So far I’ve got patterns (on sale!), ribbons (cheap), and some cloth for a petticoat called ‘banana cream yellow’. Next up, I need to find the right lace. While I know it’s best to start from the underthings and work my way out, the color of the lace, might tint the color of the cloth underneath and since it’ll be harder to find the right lace than broadcloth, that’s where I’m starting. Spent hours yesterday scouring the internetz for the right lace fabric. Still haven’t seen anything that’s matches the color or pattern—not even something similar; might have found a ‘close enough’, but it’s not like I don’t have a few months to keep searching. After all, I must do well at work this month if I’m to make enough to purchase a sewing machine.

Least I have a goal that'll be fun to work toward.

And a cat on my lap. What more can a girl ask for?  


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