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The good news is, I got a second, part-time seasonal job at a retail store! Moar money! If I can convince them to keep me on after the season's over, then I might even have a job I can turn into a fulltime job! That would have better benefits and pay!

The bad news is, I have a second, seasonal part-time job. The hours I'll work every week will go up from 40 to 50-70. That's insane. I'm not going to have a whole lot of free time. Because this job is 'seasonal,' I'll be working holidays. It's also going to make looking for a better full-time job trickier.

In other news, effex shared a link with me to the Kindle publishing page and it has ignited me. Turns out you can make a bit of spending money on the side if you write 3-5,000 word smutty fics. If I do that bi-weekly, serializing it like it used to be done in the old days of magazine publishing, I could build up a readership and make actual cashy-money. My track record for keeping on such a tight schedule is pathetic of late; I'm not the me who'd bust out a 10-page paper in three nights like I did in high school. However, nailing down a deadline with real-life consequences could be the impetus I need. Just selling 40 e-books a month would be enough to keep the cats fed and the litter boxes full. With a readership of 20 dedicated people I could pull that off. 60 readers, I'd also have food for the month. 120 and I'd cover my gas and that would be all I'd need. That's INSANE.

Maybe--just maybe--it'd be EASY. Imagine if I coupled the initiation of my short e-reads with the actual fucking completion of my fanfic (which I have been working on--I have 5000 words that about makes a chapter--there's just one more major scene for it, then in NEEDS an edit and then BIG TWIST/REVEAL).

'Course, maybe I've made this harder by getting a part-time job. Maybe this part-time job will actually force my hand. With so little free time, I cannot procrastinate anymore.

That dreadful feeling of not being able to procrastinate made me write a page longhand (vampire noveling) yesterday in spite of having an interview last night (which was time-consuming; I didn't get home until 6:15 PM).

Enough journaling, time for noveling/shortfic writing (longhand, because I'm at work)

No New Job

Aug. 22nd, 2014 03:29 pm
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It's official: I did not get the job. I also applied for a credit card earlier this week and being that I have not heard back from them, I'm sure that was declined as well. 

I am irritated and disappointed. Can't totally say I'm surprised, but man, I was qualified for that job. Do you know how often that happens? Me, being qualified for a job that doesn't pay pittance? At least I know I can make it to the interview phase.

Don't want to think about it/worry/succumb to the misery my financial state finds itself in without an additional/better source of income. If only I were better paid; I'd so stick w/ my current job and novel on the side.

Back to noveling now. It's 500 word Friday.
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Went and did another job interview today. I didn’t want to jinx myself by throwing up posts about it beforehand(job).


Why yes, I have been writing porn all week.  How can you tell?


Am now working on story and origami for a different job application.


No, I’m not kidding, that’s part of the resume.


I am really stretching for this job thing. Money money money money money money money money money.


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