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Job search update:

Job I didn't want: didn't get it. Am actually glad I don't have to have the, "no, thanks" conversation. (Also, weird interview--one dude, awesome. The other (upper management-type) dude kept asking, "What questions do you have for me?" then, "What else?" "What else?" then after a few rounds of me asking basic, clarifying questions, one which he answered satisfactorily, the other he didn't really answer, kept on with the stern, "What else?". I asked what was up with all the "What else?", and why he didn't want to learn about me or my sales history. Which he skirted around with more, "What else?" so I sorta went, 'He wants me to conduct the the job interview? Okay, I'll bite'. Which of course he didn't--I knew he was playing this bizarre game to find out what I knew about his company, about their policies and branding and essentially do all the work and dig my own grave.

I don't play games.

So I said, "Well, I have a not-bad job and clearly I've done this sales thing extremely well, so why would I want to work for you company over others? What is the vibe like here? Are your employees happy? At my company, I get discount cruises; what are the benefits to working here?" And then he avoided eye contact, said something about getting car discounts, vague things about how my asking about the 'vibe' and employee happiness was a 'good question' and he thought his employees had a good life there, but nothing about health benefits or vacation time or even fucking free coffee; not a very impressive interviewee. Like he wasn't prepared to make his company sound good to a potential employee. I know what he really wanted--for me to display knowledge of what they do by asking 'good' questions, show how much I 'want' to work for them, but that's a lot of bullshit.

Part-time job I'd probably like:
I received a VM to call and set up a second interview (this second round is with a manager, who will likely act like a hard-ass, no-sense-of-humor dick to make the process as painful as possible). I will call them back when I'm off and set that up for next week.

Noveling: Because this Friday is a B-day party, my writing buddy and I met up last night. I wrote a page! Could have done more if I didn't talk so damn much.

Tonight: I'll need to grab some groceries for the food I'm making tomorrow night for a friend. Then it's dinner. Then I need to suck it up and put out a resume--just throw it out there to any takers who will put me up as a secretary/receptionist. I putzed around yesterday and avoided putting out a resume because the closer I looked at the job requirements, the more hopelessly unqualified I felt for any of them (for shit that pays nearly no money at all, too).  Anything that pays more and requires equal/less customer interaction than I have right now is a job I need to suck it up and spend 45 applying.

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I did what I should have done a long time ago; I googled how to pass a pre-employment test. Welp, that explains why no one ever calls me back. FML. Am I better equipped to navigate the computer bots and the not-peer-reviewed 'personality tests' which guard the doors to employment? I hope so. 

Jesus H. Christ, I need to just fucking write smut to busk. Write some goddamn fanfic and smutty noveling and no more of this fucking job bullshit. 

(It may come too late to pay my bills, tho. Why am I a consumer whore?).


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