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So last we left our intrepid Prophet he'd gotten drunk, done some coke, had three beers, gotten himself into a traumatic car crash where he blacked out and then, miraculously, heard the voice of God tell him his life had a purpose.

Unfortunate that God was a little short on detail to the point, but you know. God likes being mysterious.

Chapter Three (or so)

Our Prophet is at home with his Buddy. His father gets home. Buddy tells his father that the Prophet and him wrecked the Baja Bug.

Here is where the father is portrayed as the archetypal Overbearing Father. Can you imgine the audacity of a father who gets upset over his son wrecking his car in an utterly irresponsible, deadly, completely unnecessary way?! He even "belittles" his son, saying such harsh things as:

"Damnit, son, don't you think?"

(Which I sorta am wondering too, but back to the story)

Erstwhile, our Prophet is too in awe of his not-dying to care. When he speaks, his voice "sounded far away."

When his father tells him he's lucky to be alive as they're towing the Baja Bug out of the sand dunes, after we learn this is NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED, the Prophet snidely thinks to himself: "It's more than luck there is a purpose behind it. According to the strange voice in my head."

I could not make this s*&t up.

After they get the car back, a cute girl the Prophet has been eyeing stops by and he offers to take her to the scene of the accident.


She drives them and they look at some dunes. Some broken glass. He tells her he has a 'purpose' and . . . nothing.

She drops him back at his house.

The End of Chapter 3!

(Was less than four pages long, and not short enough)


Feb. 3rd, 2010 04:49 pm
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Standby. The dude who thinks he's some kind of immaculately concieved prophet just submitted the next chapter of his memoir. Standby .


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