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I met baby Camden yesterday, yay!

The twin got in late Saturday night, and I got off work early yesterday and drove out to the grandparents'. Baby Camden was wide-eyed awake, smiling and giggling. He is the most obscenely easy baby in the history of ever. Chrissy says he sleeps through the night most nights nowadays (at 4 months, all through the night, guys!) and in the entire 8 hours I was there, he didn't do more than fuss a little. Once. No screaming, no crying. Baby Natalie would throw a fit at least once every three hours. Toddler Natalie cried crocodile tears twice while I was there. Not that there's anything wrong with Natalie, it's just Camden, man. Insane.

Anyway. Natalie. Ridiculously cute kid. She saw me and made a beeline, which is a bit of a shame because she was supposed to be taking a nap, but whatever. I sorta ran her into the ground (as she ran ME into the ground). We made play-dough 'pizzas', did puzzles, colored a My Little Pony coloring book, swatted a tennis ball around with fly-swatters and all other sort of running amok. It was awesome. 

Three-year-olds also ask the darnedest questions, too. 

Natalie: "Are you my mommy, too?"

To her, it'd be as her mom sudden sprouted a doppelganger. How confused must this three-year-old be? Poor kid. We spent a good 10 minutes explaining to her how Chrissy and I are twins, that if Chrissy had had two Camdens at once, and they might look exactly alike and that was why me and her mom looked the same: we were sisters who were born at the same time. 

Yeah, YOU explain the concept of a zygote splitting in two and developing as two genetically identical humans to a three year old.

Then there was the Confusion. Because while Christina has called me "Jane" or "Janie," as I have called her "Chrissy," for our ENTIRE LIFE--around relatives and everyone all. the. time. and no one has batted so much as a single eye, the second Natalie started on "Tita Jane," our aunt and uncle and grandparents were all, "Who's Jane?"

Then again, I can't really blame them. The first time Raphie referred to me as "Jane," I had no idea who he was talking to. It's just really, really, really weird when anyone aside from Chrissy or Natalie calls me Jane. I mean, not even my other sister, Danielle, calls me Jane. 

My aunt was all, "When did that start?"
And I was all, "In utero. I'm pretty sure it was in utero."
And my aunt was all, "But I've never heard her call you Jane."
And I was all, "She's been calling me Jane for the past hour! Along with every other time we've been around each other. Ever. "
And everyone was all, "We never noticed."
And Raphie was all, "Your family seems to miss the obvious."
And I was all, better check, "You guys did realize I call her Chrissy, right?"
And they're all, "No?"

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Autumn and Natalie Dru at the wedding! OMG, TEH CUTE!


Besties forever!

I should have gotten footage of Autumn doing her 'Autumn Penguin' impression because it was friggin' adorable. Spent a lot of my time dancing and spinning Natalie around. And putting a slinky down the steps. HOURS of entertainment, slinkys. 

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[personal profile] effex said I need to cut long posts. So there.  ).

More Baby!

Jun. 16th, 2009 12:06 am
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I know you want more . . .

The power of her cuteness compels you!!!
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I went to visit my sister and the baby today. When I got there, they'd just wheeled Natalie out of the premie ward to be with Chrissy in her room which was a very, very good indication that everything was going well. Natalie was awake, so I picked her up to rock her to sleep while Chrissy rested. That went south--Natalie must have thought I was Momma and was very happy at first, then realized Auntie wasn't going to feed her. Then she got fussy and Momma came over to feed her.

Natalie ate pretty well. While she was being burped, another nurse came in to check her for Jaundis, for which they determined Natalie was borderline. Not good. They're going to do blood work to see if she has it. If she does, she'll be put under lights and they might be staying another day, possibly two : (

Raphie's sister might be coming tomorrow, which is good. I plan to bring Chrissy some salmon, potatoes and watermelon since hospital food sucks and the nurse said that the better Chrissy eats, the more milk for the baby. I've got my fingers crossed that everything goes well. Baby Natalie is the sweetest little one ever. We're all rooting for her to be heathy and go home safe and sound. For now, she's in good hands.
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Is my niece not the cutest baby in the whole world? Of course she is!

I got to help deliver her and all; Raphie held up one of Chrissy’s legs and I held the other. It was amazing and emotional and soooo happy, and it wasn’t even my baby. Fell in love at first sight. Raphie melted like a popsicle in Death Valley. At least he didn’t faint, like he almost did when they gave Chrissy the epidural.

So out came Natalie and there was a big to-do:

Nepenthe: *takes photo of baby and baby’s hand, runs it over to Chrissy so she can see her baby* Look at Natalie!
Chrissy: Er, blind, need glasses.
Nepenthe: *shoves glasses onto sister’s face* Baby!
Chrissy: *Starts crying*

It was awesome and not anywhere near as gross as it’s made out to be. She is such a pretty baby, with the tiniest of eyelashes and a strong grip and squished ears (her nose wasn’t as squished today). I got to give her her first bath!

Natalie and Mom will stay at the hospital for a minimum of 48 hrs in the premie ward, then a full day in a regular room to be on the safe side. Natalie is a strong little girl, so I have full confidence she’ll be heading home on Tuesday.

VomitSound and I went to visit today. I was determined to get Harold and the Purple Crayon for Natalie as her first book. The first Borders we stopped at didn’t have the book, but the one over by Chrissy’s house did. Once I had my copy, it was only a hop, skip, and jump to their house to feed Ichabod. He's been so lonely! We arrived just as Raphie did, so he gave VomitSound a tour of where the house stands since they've been remolding (that project didn’t start off well, but has come along now that they have a new contractor and have been working on it themselves). He’s got some work to do, cleaning up the floors, taking stuff out of the boxes in the bedroom to make room for the pack-n-play, assembling the pack-n-play, putting a mattress into the crib, etc. There’s a lot to do.

At the hospital, I brought Chrissy cookies, coffee, and French fries to supplement the hospital food. While Chrissy nursed Natalie, I read her her first story which was "Harold", of course. Both Lisa and I got to take turns feeding her a little more from a bottle after that. She burped up on me, and pooped and farted in her diaper while Lisa was holding her. Then she was out like a light.

I’m not so keen to have one myself, but I think I like this ‘auntie’ gig : )
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Natalie Dru, born June 13, 2009 at 12:06 PM Pacific. Is most adorable baby ever:


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