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Neil Gaiman smells nice. Like fresh, steamy water. And his stubble is scratchy.

I went to the Ocean at the End of the Lane Phoenix book signing. It was 104 outside. I grew smelly sweating buckets as we stood in line for an hour and a half. We got seats in the second row. The reading was pure, mesmerizing delight; I drifted away on words of toast and death until the words stopped and I came back to an auditorium, blinking.

None of this matters.

Neil Gaiman asked to hug me.

I got to my turn and I choked up on all the words simultaneously trying to fight their way out, each in a desperate bid to convey everything all the words he’s written have ever meant to me which resulted in me fumbling and being all,


and shoved my phone at him with a photo of me in my cosplay on the screen and he lit up and said, “It’s IDRIS!” as though it delighted him and he asked to hug me. Hug me.

No one has thrown herself into the arms of an author as I threw myself upon Neil Gaiman (with the probable exception of Amanda Palmer). He was stubbly and smelled nice.

Got his new book signed and had him sign The Graveyard Book, the first page of which he drew a headstone with my name on it. Only seems kinda creepy now; was too incoherent to recognize what he was drawing at the time. He was patient and gracious to everyone and the embodiment of 'it's always a pleasure to work with him'. I left shaking. A lot. 
I love him.

Edit: Now with Picture

And video of my friends getting their signatures:


Oct. 16th, 2012 10:02 am
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My dreamverse is weird, no question. I've determined that there, Neil Gaiman is not only an occupant, but must be one of my neighbors. Must be. So far, I've had dreams where I've:
rescued him from shady, murderous assassins.
gone window shopping with him at the mall. Which escalated into a muscial.
ridden with him on a roller coaster
and now:
he was my next door neighbor in the Old Orchard neighborhood where I grew up. He had a very nice house with big windows and didn't mind me stopping by for reading and writing. We even took a stroll around in the forest. It's fall in my dreamverse quite often, as it was here. I said goodbye to go out walking the neighborhood to look for Bunny. (Yes, a year later and I am still walking the streets, looking for her in my dreams. One of the neighbors gave me an $100 bill so I could post a reward for her return).  

Given that the first dream where he was a major player was the one where I have to kidnap him in order to save him from assassins, I think that in my dreamverse, he and I are friends. That's why he continues to make appearances, inviting me over to his house et all. Am I too forward in supposing that dream Gaiman and I are friends? Occasional friends who take tea and have conversations. 

In other news, I've been productive! Am at half-way through a Doctor Who PWP and have bits and bobs worked out for another. How fantastic is that? Maybe I shouldn't feel like I'm going places when I write fanfic, but with how much fun I'm having writing this, I can't not.


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