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My head hurts and my sinuses are stuffy. I am a bit concerned I might be coming down with something.


Yesterday: I got errands run, food made, and I wrote a little, but not enough. I called my twin and ended up talking for way too long; she needed a chat, but it was a major time suck.

I am getting some writing done today because we are not terribly busy today. Gotta sew up a skirt for my roommate tonight. Productivity must improve.

Back to work, listing to a good writing podcast -- Writing Excuses -- and writing (hopefully outlining).


Aug. 20th, 2014 06:22 pm
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No guarantees, but I thought my job interview went really well. I was able to to answer all questions clearly and concisely and hopefully in a way that demonstrates what I can do for them and made it clear I was interested in moving up in position with pay and benefits. They made it clear that while there's lots of competition, there are 'opportunities'. Also, if I'm willing to work the overnight shift I'll make a whole $14.65/hr which is very, very, very tempting. Even if it means working 10 hours a day, 4 days a week all night, for 90 days without taking any days off which is over both Thanksgiving and Christmas and I won't start accruing time off until after that. Hell, it's not like I get time off around those days anyway. I'd get healthcare et all from the day I start, which is nice. It beings at the end of September (may as well be the start of October). 

But that's all hypothetical. I won't know whether or not I have the job for 24-48 hours. I might not get it which means I'll still be filling out application forms. Ugh. 

It's 7 PM. I'm hungry and tired. Gonna eat. Gonna watch some Mythbusters. Gonna go to bed early with a pat on my back for a job well done (because I have done a good job at life). 
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As I expected, yesterday was all about being responsible. Stopped by Costco to get the skinny on apply there; they're hiring part-time seasonal help starting in October, so now is the time to apply, however. They get, like, 400 job applications a day. The nice lady in customer service said to apply online, then show up w/ my resume and ask to speak w/ the manager. Introduce myself. Will do, as taking on a part-time job that pays well for 3-4 months would only be a boon. I paid a bill, I stayed an hour after work to make up for the hour early I'd leave on Wednesday, got groceries, cooked all my lunches and dinner for the rest of the week, painted my nails (necessary for a job interview). Had to play with cats and feed myself and then it was time for bed. 

No writing was done :( but I have been working on my outline here at work (today is a rare day where I don't have 2 project and phones to answer). Today's plan is to sneak work on the outline while at work, research and prep for the PayPal interview tonight (need to print 2). Fill out the Costco application (at least start it).

Again, this is the precise reason why I needed to have my first draft done by now, rather than trying to do both at once. It sucks having to prioritize a real-world job hunt over noveling.
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I've got my cattle call all set for Wednesday.

This weekend I finished the character sheets and wrote out 1/4-ish of my novel outline--this would be unacceptable since I need it done and out of the way, except I wrote 5 pages, wrapping up a small but important scene. Writing the story takes precedence over organization. I also got Adult Stuff done, like cleaning and laundry. Tended my few plants (they're practically dead of heat stroke).

I don't think I'll get much done tonight and that's okay. I need to prepare for my interview, pick up groceries and make food for the rest of the week. But if I could add in a line or two to my outline, that would be bonus points to my productivity cake.

It's heartening that after two months of not reading the beginning, I read it and thought, "Not bad. Needs editing." I RESISTED THE URGE TO EDIT TOO MUCH. Moved on, worked on a new scene. I've got the first 1/4th written; the Introduction through the First Proposal (it comes a little early in this story). I will begin on the Rising Action now.

A big thanks to my friend who wrote with me on Friday, bringing Rice Krispy treats covered in chocolate. I was not feeling well and that cheered me up a lot.


Supervisor hands me a work themed t-shirt: "I guessed on your size."
Me: "You guessed I was a large?"
Coworker: "You can wear it as a dress!"

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At some point I've got a job interview in the next four days--a cattle-call type interview for a job that won't quite pay my hoped for $13/hr, but it's close enough at $12.75 for me to at least hear what the benefits are and whether or not they pay more over time. 

Monday after work, I'm stopping by one of the stores near my work that I know pays about $14/hr + and asking for an application. Can't hurt to apply. 

Story! Finished all the character sheets. Still need to name a few minor characters. Can't say I didn't do anything and am very proud of my character sheets and organization. I require the outline to map out my plot, and I need it soon, as that will give me benchmarks from which I can set a time table not only for Word Count but also to better navigate Getting Shit Done.

Nothing punches you in the face like seeing you have an actual story with a full beginning and middle and end, full of smut and romance and vampires and my main character has a friend who keeps an alligator in the dorm bathroom and runs a pirated podcast that plays songs from local and other underground musicians. All of the main characters grow and are finding their place in the mad world they occupy, and there is real conflict with Queen Carmella and a theme(s) about love and how you don't need anybody's approval to feel it and have crazy good sex. Like a real, live book and that is crazy, man. 

I'm starting up on the Outline. The key is to keep this as simple as possible.  

Man, is being an adult and writing books crazy effort or what?
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The day is only half over, but I'd like to report how I've been adulting:
  • I've applied for a job. Brings my total number of jobs applied for to 2. 2 is better than 0, but it will not gain me employment by the start of September.
  • I vacuumed. Yay! Dishes are clean. Yay!
  • Bought food supplies and cat fud. 
  • Ate b-fast and lunch.
It is time for Writing. My goal for today is 1100 words, but primarily I need to achieve an Outline for the novel. I have a notion of plot in my head. I need to write it out and set not only Word Count deadlines, but also Story Line deadlines.

I am a fearful woman. I am afraid I will not have enough money to pay bills. I fear I will always be in debt, living just beyond my means. I fear I will remain nothing more than a hack; a dreamer. I'm so sick of being a hack. I fear that life has spent the entire year throwing chances at me like a bully at a water balloon fight and I've been fumbling and dropping balloons and missing every throw. At least I've identified one of the facets of my failure is a lack of confidence.

I gave up too early, I thought that it didn't matter whether I achieved my goal because nothing would've come of it even if I did. So wrong. So very, very wrong. 

Time to stop bemoaning and get to getting to it.

Edit: OMG, you guys. The job I submitted my application to earlier today responded back to set up an interview at an employee cattle-call. For next week!  I made it past their HR robot, the first hurdle of any job-seeker. At least the next step is to interview with a real, live human person. The response says that the job is $ 12.75+/hr which you have to admit is pretty darn close to my minimum of $ 13/hr. If they offer raises the longer you work at the company or on the basis of job performance, this will be a viable job.

You guys do realize this is the first time I have applied for a better job whilst I still have a job, right? I am anxious. So very, very anxious and a little bit terrified. This could mean an extra $ 2,000 / year for me. Better, but still not quite enough.

How do I get a job that will pay me $500/week that doesn't involve contact with irate customers?

I've completed my Character Sheets like a boss! 


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