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In job-related news, the interview went well; I felt it did. My supervisor, Jen, said it did. I feel confident that this will not turn into a skit out of Office Space where I loose the job I already do to someone who doesn't know how to do it/doesn't do it well.

Man, do I ever wish this was accompanied by a pay raise. 

My post for a roommate has not been responded to yet. Reposted this afternoon. Hopefully, that'll help. Current roommate is moving out today. Her cat, Michael, scratched her face and gave her a bruised lip and is hiding behind my refrigerator. Hopefully he drinks the Benadryl-laced milk and chills the fuck out. 

Last night was productive on the writing front. Stephie came over. We used my Burger King gift cards from work to buy dinner, then hung out at my place writing as the cats played and napped and generally turned into drama queens around us. I got a lot of fanfic typed up, go me! There's a long way to go on all fronts, but I've put in vacation for Monday which means Three Day Weekend! It's time to write. It's time to get things moving. So I set up an unreasonable timeline for me to have an e-book published, but NOT for having a first draft completed. If I carry on as I've been carrying on for this month and June and July, I will have a first draft AND several fanfics completed. 

Who loves getting shit done? Shed this lazy, pessimism.  Let's stop being scared and write this fucker. 

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EDIT: Roommate acquired!


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