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Oh, look. I can’t meet deadlines for myself.


At least I’ve gotten more job applications sent. Wrote out a new cover letter and revised my resume. Someone should really hire me.


Doctor Who: End of Time. No really spoilery—Commentary on RTD’s reoccurring character-plot troubles. A bit of blind speculation about RTD and Moffat and 2010.


RTD. Your plots? Thematically engaging on an episode to episode basis, as well as over-arching the series, but the plotlines for characters Not the Doctor have the feel of. . .not being totally thought through. They resemble a kid who shoots his gun up in the air and fails to comprehend that the outcome of basic physics involves gravity, parabolas and pain.


Start with a bang and pomp and fun—the fundamentals are all sound.

End with near instantaneous, unexamined consequences—audience upset, scratching head and whispering “really?” to one another.


Most of your little twists and plots (Martha & Mickey, Donna, the ending) seem to have been rendered with little foresight beyond “Ooohoo, now that would make for a surprise” or “That’s a convenient way to wrap up a character and ship them out the door—let’s go with it” or “It’s something that worked really well in a fanfic I read awhile back” or a combination of all three.  


This is why I have a hard time picturing how you came up with Midnight. In my head, I imagine you started writing it as a mock/spoof of Moffat’s work out of bitterness, then realized it didn’t sound half bad. To be fair, I can imagine Moffat approaching you this season and saying: “These are the characters I don’t want to deal with in 2010. Please make them go away”. That doesn’t sound like a fun task, nor an easy one to execute. Not that I’ve any right to judge personalities from afar, but Moffat seems to have an ego and Personal Issues with Women, just as RTD seems to, and I’m sure we’ll have to deal with him exorcizing them through the Doctor in 2010.


*Looks on at 2010 uncertain*


Am stopping speculation, as I told myself I’d make a few call around to various tax prep places today to see if they need any help, temp or otherwise.

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I am going to go see Harry Potter tonight, at midnight. Hand to the celestial teapot, if this sucks someone’s getting bruised. Their initials might be ‘RTD’. Because somehow, someway, I know the bastard would have had a hand in it.  

If it sucks.


If it’s awesome, so much the better and nobody needs get beat.

My twin might be coming--she might not.

Last day at my temp job--it was a nice temp job, with lots and lots of down time to do reading, and believe it or not, some writing. Good god, I need to be done with this stupid story three months ago.

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Carrot? My . . . my beautiful, beautiful carrot. What has RTD done to you?!!!



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