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The Sickness is over, for the most part. Stuffiness and chapped nostrils remain. I was EXHAUSTED when I got home from work yesterday and napped for, like, an hour and a half.
No writing was done last night, but I did finish ye olde novel, convoluted as its plot was, contrived as its male lead was, melodramatic as it was. I'm not sure what I've learned aside from: dudes have been intentionally obtuse selfish dicks for a long-ass time. 
Tonight's plans are to do a grocery run. Cook food when I get home. Eat. Write a little. I should also throw in continue to read and learn to be a DM. I'll work on prepping the game this weekend. I also need to throw in 'cleaning'--vacuuming. I have the time.
I have dreams:
Last night's dreams were NOT violent and disturbing, huzzah! They involved doing a photo shoot that was for some random person's wedding (which involved me at a church and wearing a corset) and Morgan Freeman sharing wisdom with me and my twin. 
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Guess whose got her tickets to the new Avengers, Age of Ultron? This nerd! I'm a-going Thursday night and it'll be hella awesome to hang out in line with all meh friends.
Writing Progress Report: 
I'm still hanging out at about 440 words/day. I'm not falling behind. I'm not geting ahead either. 
So there was a Black Widow fic I wrote after Captian America came out ages ago that I never edited/finished. If you can believe it, I finished that this weekend (it has an ending--not going to comment on whether it's good or not). It's been sent over to my local writing buddy who likes Marvel. I'm not as confident with this fic as I have been with my smutties; some of it's good, but I'm aware it has problems (too bulky). If all goes well and if I have enough time for edits and if I'm lucky, I can start posting late next week. Possibly.   
I am re-posting one of my smut fics that was on Teaspoon over to AO3. 
I have repairs that need to be done around the house which I am not qualified to do on my own. If only I had all the money to have them done. So far, the temperature out here has been in the 80s or lower, so the AC hasn't become a dire situation yet. I fear it will next month. 
Also: I need gutters. Will need to have communication w/ the HOA about this issue to keep water from being dumped so heavily in on my courtyard.  There's another project I don't yet have money for.


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