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It took me all night to a) find and b) write/edit/order business cards for conventions. I had to find ones visually appealing, that are thematically appropriate for a person who writes erotic fiction, and of course are the sort of design that my information fits/looks good on. I think I did alright for an English major. 
Ordering was absolutely necessary. The deadline to receive the cards before the PHXCC was last night. I can not, I am not, making the same mistakes I made last year where professionals and designers and Naomi Novik were asking after my 'portfolio' or for a business card and I had nothing to give them, closing so many important connections and doors. 
Obviously, I don't have any stories written/published/posted aside from my fanfiction. I'm not ready to publish any short stories yet. I fear I won't be ready for another year which is not necessarily bad. I imagine it's better if I start late and publish good stuff on schedule rather than start early with bad stuff and be unable to maintain/keep a schedule. And I DO have stuff to promote: my fanfiction! Yeah, it's two stories, one long and unwieldy that's incomplete, but in all I have over 100,000 words of smut posted on the internet. That's not nothing. Not to mention, I would like to make friends and show off my cosplays, passingly professional. And I wouldn't mind spreading my tumblr urls like glitter-herpes. These are worthwhile to make friends and promote interest in my creative works.

Maybe I have gotten a little ahead of myself. Perhaps it was a little forward to include a pen name for erotic fiction I've not published yet and won't for a while (I was thinking ahead, about how I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO REPRINT, I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY). I've got legit stuff I want people to take notice of and now, if Naomi Novik's asks for my card so she can call me about doing cosplays for her new book, I can proudly hand over a professional card. Instead of getting home, realizing my mistake and crying fat tears all over the preview booklet for Uprooted
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No news is good news, right?

Word Count: 760. I could have done better, but I'll take it. Slowly upping my work count. If I manage 1500 tonight, I'll push over 450/day--a feat I could achieve easily, given I'm typing up what's in my journal. Then, it's writing all day Saturday, then D&D planning party Saturday night. Doesn't look like I'll have the first draft of second story typed up as per goal--I had the time, didn't buckle down. I need to work this smut; the month is 1/3rd over. Spending 3 hours tonight on writing would be an excellent reward for a stressful week--and a few inches closer to a life lived fully. May is coming!  3 smutty first drafts by May 1. That means this first draft needs to be done before 5 PM Saturday.

I probably won't be done in time for PHX-CC as I aspired back in January. It was always an ambitious timeline to be done by PHX. SDCC, tho. I had fucking better get my shit together. We only have tickets for one day - Sunday. If I can't get in and enjoy 5 days of fandom fun, I may as well make lemonade out of these lemons and spend my time on the street busking. Busking at the Geek and Sundry lounge playing tabletop games. Busking during the Nerdist party. In lines, industry parities. Throwing around business cards like it's nobody's business. I can't afford to pass up a mass gathering of nerds. This go 'round will be a self-promotion trip. And hanging out with my friends and my twin. And making friends. Less time at the convention proper, sadly. 


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