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It took me all night to a) find and b) write/edit/order business cards for conventions. I had to find ones visually appealing, that are thematically appropriate for a person who writes erotic fiction, and of course are the sort of design that my information fits/looks good on. I think I did alright for an English major. 
Ordering was absolutely necessary. The deadline to receive the cards before the PHXCC was last night. I can not, I am not, making the same mistakes I made last year where professionals and designers and Naomi Novik were asking after my 'portfolio' or for a business card and I had nothing to give them, closing so many important connections and doors. 
Obviously, I don't have any stories written/published/posted aside from my fanfiction. I'm not ready to publish any short stories yet. I fear I won't be ready for another year which is not necessarily bad. I imagine it's better if I start late and publish good stuff on schedule rather than start early with bad stuff and be unable to maintain/keep a schedule. And I DO have stuff to promote: my fanfiction! Yeah, it's two stories, one long and unwieldy that's incomplete, but in all I have over 100,000 words of smut posted on the internet. That's not nothing. Not to mention, I would like to make friends and show off my cosplays, passingly professional. And I wouldn't mind spreading my tumblr urls like glitter-herpes. These are worthwhile to make friends and promote interest in my creative works.

Maybe I have gotten a little ahead of myself. Perhaps it was a little forward to include a pen name for erotic fiction I've not published yet and won't for a while (I was thinking ahead, about how I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO REPRINT, I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY). I've got legit stuff I want people to take notice of and now, if Naomi Novik's asks for my card so she can call me about doing cosplays for her new book, I can proudly hand over a professional card. Instead of getting home, realizing my mistake and crying fat tears all over the preview booklet for Uprooted
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So Saturday was once more a writing sprint day. I did what I suppose could be considered the bare minimum for a weekend, 1,000 words. I really, really needed to hit 2000. For one, I set up my word count goals assuming I’d be able to do about 4000 words over the weekend—something I have not been able to do over the past few months. I am currently about 11,000 words behind goal. Again, better than the whole heap of nothing I’d been responsible for before—I’ve done about 55,000 words this year, so far. How can I possibly complain or berate myself for THAT?

But. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; if I want short n’ smutties to work, I have to kick things in to gear. And write more. Finish more. It’s ok that I have this series which is BDSM, where each part is 15,000-17,000 words each with a plot arch. That’s a good idea! Some people want more plot with their smut. But that means it takes me two months to write each rather than three weeks, not precisely the business model that will work very well for me. I’ve yet to write something that is a true smut short, 5000 words or less where things happen, executed and are wrapped up in a single tale.  This might not be my forte. It might not be a thing I can pull off even though I want to.

What has also been impeding my productivity is back pain. My back has been giving me trouble ever since college. Back then, it was only ever intermittent. For the past few months, it’s gotten worse. I feel that twinge and I know I’ve got to lay down, stat, or else it will pass some threshold and the agony of a pinched nerve is unending for WEEKS. So far I’ve avoided the worst of it. But it seems to be persistent, always hovering. Worse, I fear it may be that the fancy, supposedly ergonomic desk chair I bought might be making things worse. My fancy office chair might not be much, if any better due to both blatantly being made for full-sized adults.   

Also: two seconds ago I realized it's May 11th and I have not ordered business cards. I fucking have to do that tonight, if I have any hope of being prepared for PHXCC! I am not fucking up like I did at the SDCC. No way, no how. 



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The Sickness is over, for the most part. Stuffiness and chapped nostrils remain. I was EXHAUSTED when I got home from work yesterday and napped for, like, an hour and a half.
No writing was done last night, but I did finish ye olde novel, convoluted as its plot was, contrived as its male lead was, melodramatic as it was. I'm not sure what I've learned aside from: dudes have been intentionally obtuse selfish dicks for a long-ass time. 
Tonight's plans are to do a grocery run. Cook food when I get home. Eat. Write a little. I should also throw in continue to read and learn to be a DM. I'll work on prepping the game this weekend. I also need to throw in 'cleaning'--vacuuming. I have the time.
I have dreams:
Last night's dreams were NOT violent and disturbing, huzzah! They involved doing a photo shoot that was for some random person's wedding (which involved me at a church and wearing a corset) and Morgan Freeman sharing wisdom with me and my twin. 
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Guess whose got her tickets to the new Avengers, Age of Ultron? This nerd! I'm a-going Thursday night and it'll be hella awesome to hang out in line with all meh friends.
Writing Progress Report: 
I'm still hanging out at about 440 words/day. I'm not falling behind. I'm not geting ahead either. 
So there was a Black Widow fic I wrote after Captian America came out ages ago that I never edited/finished. If you can believe it, I finished that this weekend (it has an ending--not going to comment on whether it's good or not). It's been sent over to my local writing buddy who likes Marvel. I'm not as confident with this fic as I have been with my smutties; some of it's good, but I'm aware it has problems (too bulky). If all goes well and if I have enough time for edits and if I'm lucky, I can start posting late next week. Possibly.   
I am re-posting one of my smut fics that was on Teaspoon over to AO3. 
I have repairs that need to be done around the house which I am not qualified to do on my own. If only I had all the money to have them done. So far, the temperature out here has been in the 80s or lower, so the AC hasn't become a dire situation yet. I fear it will next month. 
Also: I need gutters. Will need to have communication w/ the HOA about this issue to keep water from being dumped so heavily in on my courtyard.  There's another project I don't yet have money for.
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This morning was One of Those Mornings. & snuggled into my chest, purring and happy as I lay comfortably in my bed. She could not fathom why her human pillow up and abandoned her. 
Oversharing: so last night I left my clothes on the bathroom floor when I went to shower. & comes over, sniffing at my underwear. *Gross*. She gets an expression of total disgust on her little face and proceeds to scratch the floor tiles in the attempt to cover them with non-existent  kitty litter. I swear, I put a clean pair on the morning! Yes, it's hot and my crotch sweats, but man, is my ass really hide-it-in-the-litter-box smelly? 
Finished my laundry last night!
Writing: I sprinted w/ my Writing Buddy last night, typed up about 930 words. Woot! I'd like to achieve the same tonight (how awesome would that be?!). 
Been slacking. Still at about 435/day. Not so good. On top of that, I mentioned my lack of progress last year to my Writing Buddy, which lead to discussing that vampire erotica thing I'd been working on, which lead to explaining the concept/plot, which has piqued my interest again. Man, I know it's a good idea. What I wrote wasn't terrible. I like the MCs--they were full and fun. The villianess was terrific. I sat down and plotted the whole thing out, so there is a beginning, middle, and end. I just got to a sticking point, writing and re-writing the same scene that didn't want to work over and over until I rather unconsciously gave up. I guess it's another story to put on the shelf, rather than under the bed to be abandoned. I can't be adding another project to my plate. I have my long Doctor Who fanfic, my short n' smutties to complete, and a D&D campaign to DM. That's more than enough work. 
Tonight, I'm typing shit up. More or less, doing what I should've finished on Sunday--and it's Wednesday. My act, I need to pull it together.
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No news is good news, right?

Word Count: 760. I could have done better, but I'll take it. Slowly upping my work count. If I manage 1500 tonight, I'll push over 450/day--a feat I could achieve easily, given I'm typing up what's in my journal. Then, it's writing all day Saturday, then D&D planning party Saturday night. Doesn't look like I'll have the first draft of second story typed up as per goal--I had the time, didn't buckle down. I need to work this smut; the month is 1/3rd over. Spending 3 hours tonight on writing would be an excellent reward for a stressful week--and a few inches closer to a life lived fully. May is coming!  3 smutty first drafts by May 1. That means this first draft needs to be done before 5 PM Saturday.

I probably won't be done in time for PHX-CC as I aspired back in January. It was always an ambitious timeline to be done by PHX. SDCC, tho. I had fucking better get my shit together. We only have tickets for one day - Sunday. If I can't get in and enjoy 5 days of fandom fun, I may as well make lemonade out of these lemons and spend my time on the street busking. Busking at the Geek and Sundry lounge playing tabletop games. Busking during the Nerdist party. In lines, industry parities. Throwing around business cards like it's nobody's business. I can't afford to pass up a mass gathering of nerds. This go 'round will be a self-promotion trip. And hanging out with my friends and my twin. And making friends. Less time at the convention proper, sadly. 

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Slow and steady wins the race. Getting by with a little help from my friends (twin). 

So I gave in and have had my twin help me with filing my taxes. She's super awesome for helping me. The amendment of my 2013 tax for has netted me money and I'm hoping the 2014 won't cost me much. Breaking even would make me happy. Don't know if that will happen. A little freaked out about it. We'll see how well this goes--who knows. 

The temperature has been good, so I'm not going to worry about my broken AC. Yet. Panicking will do me no good.

Writing: 650 words last night. Am close to averaging 450 words / day. I need to ramp things up. Tonight is for typing up the shit I wrote this past weekend--don't expect to get all of it typed, but close. If I buckle down, I'll be done before Friday night. That way, I can wrap this short Friday night/Saturday morning. Then, I need to carry on with carrying on--start another short story. I was planning on working my fanfic, but it's taking a back seat to getting publishable stuff done (I really need to concentrate). If I have three short stories in my modern BDSM series done by the end of April, that'll be something. I need to work on my historical Rome smut, and how. 

I'm going to try this D&D planning party once more this Saturday evening. Fingers crossed everybody!

Also! Work is going well. I've been here less than a month and they gave me the key to the building and office. Nothing says they're probably going to keep you like giving over the keys. Job security!

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The new job is going okay. I'm still on that unhappy learning curve, which I know will take a long time given that this is the sort of job where no two orders are alike, no two order processes are alike. It is a busy job--I've always got stuff to do. My coworkers are nice and I'm doing my best to integrate. I have confidence that after 3 months of this I'll have some notion of what I'm doing.  


I'm declaring myself a DM and wrangling my friends to join me on a D&D campaign. Or attempting to wrangle. The only person who made it to my open-door character party was the experienced D&D player. Two people canceled. Even so, I'll probably have about 4 players, which is perfect. Not that I really have time to do this sort of thing, but hey. It's soooo much fun and is a great way to spend time with my friends. If people show up. 


This year (three months) I've done several chapters of my ongoing fan fiction and a short-ish fan fiction (16000 words). I've also completed the first draft of one Short n' Smutty. The first have of a second Short n' Smutty is done longhand, waiting to be typed up. The first half-ish of another is typed up, but I might end up scrapping it. It's been so many words (38,000 by my Excel spreadsheet's reckoning) yet there's a long ways to go.

This weekend my writing sprint buddy, her friend and myself are driving up to Pine Top to shut ourselves into a cabin and type away like fiends. My word count has fallen behind to a painful, agonizing 434/day. Writing checks to pay my bills has hit me upside the head that even with my fancy-shmancy new job, I am still in debt up to my eyeballs. It will take years for me to dig myself out even though I'm now making more than 'break-even'. That overage needs to be aimed at fighting my debt and rebuilding my savings for the rest of this year (and longer). Writing is a life-enhancing pastime with potential money-making rewards. I'm so freaking far behind where I need to be. Got to pick up the pace. Every smutty short is another drop in the bucket of the Cat Food/Litter/Medical fund. Imagine never having to worry about buying that $20 bag of specialty cat food and $12 box of litter! That's the life! 

Take care, my two readers. I'm off to fold my laundry and, sadly it's time for bed.
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So far, so good on the employment front.

They rate A+ on free food (cream filled cupcakes today) and because they are a high end office furniture design firm, I have a wonderful, ergonomic chair which I'm reasonably certain is about the equivalent of a month and a half of my salary. My desk is pretty sweet, too, and i have a view of a lovely mountain vista (if you're the type to believe in mountains, that is). They ordered me a wrist cushion and I like the office pens. The conference room is a freezer, but my desk is seated in the sunshine. I don't get too cold under my vista view. 

What do I do, you may ask. Order processing. Not hard; complex. Involved. Nothing is done in order and so my training has been a bit discombobulated.  Every rule has an exception, every project, its quirks. 

Overall, this is a good fit for me (at least for a while).


My word count has plummeted with my average falling to 455/day. 20 days into the month. It's gonna be hard to prop that back up to 500, let alone the 600 I really do need to actually be productive. The good news is, I'm free this weekend. Nothing to do but clean, hang pictures in my house and write. 

Two weeks from now, Ferocious Pipsqueak, a pair of her friends and myself will be trekking to the boonies of Twin Pines resort town for a writing retreat.  She referred to it as 'the cabin'. In reality, it's a resort mansion. Sweeeeeet.    

Bed time

Feb. 5th, 2015 09:20 pm
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It always seems to be bed time by the time I'm into the swing of things.

Will write a little more tomorrow, maybe (I have a friend who might still be in the hospital tomorrow night, and if she is, I'm going to go visit her so might not get much writing done). Saturday, I'm doing writing sprints w/ my buddy 8-4. If she doesn't have work projects. Otherwise, I'll be sprinting on my own. Sunday is Ren Faire! I know Ren Faires are ridiculous. Don't care; got me a 1/2 price ticket, a bunch of single dollar bills and a day out with my friends wandering in the dust. 

W/C: 238 (I know, but I needed to do edits and cut stuff, too--you know the drill)
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A whole chapter of my long DW fic has been posted.

The first draft of a 3 part, BDSM Doctor Who fic that’s about 16,000 words is done. It’s up for revision. Will post this month.

These are important accomplishments. These are part of my getting shit done program. I finished the month of January with about 18,000 words typed up (probably more, since some was written long hand) which is more than I wrote for NaNoWriMo, more than my stated goal of 16,000.

It doesn’t feel like it was quite enough. I’m happy to have resolution to the shorter fanfic and needed to get that chapter posted for my neglected readers.

However, I neglected to do more for my original fics. There are two I am working on. Each have about 1/3rd of the first draft done. I think I need to pick one story as a focus and knock it out in a few weekends. The fanfics I’ll spend a few weekdays on because I need to be regular in my updates. But I really, really need to get a move on my original work because those are on a real world deadline. They will be challenging—they are challenging—but I’ve got to end the shortest month of the year with two first drafts. I’ll still push my 500 words/day goal; I’m beginning to feel it’s too low a goal. There’s always more to do and with only one job, I have the time.   


Personally, I’ve been at sea, riding the waves of contradiction. I’m vacillating between confidence, a sense that I can conquer all the hurdles out in front of me and write like a MoFo, and feeling that I need to face the reality of my situation and seek part-time employment somewhere and hold onto that employment, at least until April/May when I need to seek a new full-time job that pays cashy-money as opposed to poverty wages.

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Not a lot to report. I hung out at home watching the Wimbledon Wibbly Wobblies, played a little of my video game and at 6, wrote with my buddy until about 8:20.
I worked on a side Who fanfic because it's so, so close to being done.

Word Count: 825

Tonight, I have to buy bananas for a party at work tomorrow. I’M BRINGING THE BANANAS TO THE PARTY.  

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It’s been a busy week at my day job. No time to sneak in a journal post. Today, things have calmed considerably, but that may change as one of my coworkers is ducking out for a sick kid. There’s a hitch in the work from home giddie-up. They installed the software on our desktops. We took calls; it sorta works, except if we get in queue. Then the system freaks out and freezes up. Until that’s resolved, we’re back on hard lines and not at home. There’s got to be a fix. I want to go the fuck home.  

The twin continues to have husband troubles. No money. Vacillates daily on what solution to take, when she’s going to act, how to get a lawyer, whether to buy a trailer home or rent an apartment. She’s good and stuck in a terrible position.

Monday, I had a friend from work swing by to discuss the possibility of doing a podcast together. Premise sounds okay, but neither she nor I have a lot of time to dedicate to the thing; she works two jobs and paints. I have one job, but am dedicating 20 hrs a week to writing. As usual, I know I’d be the one doing more or less all the work. I accept this as the norm, as this is how most things go in my life (with a few exceptions, notably my twin). However, I’ve chosen the writing track. I have story ideas. I am currently executing the plan like a goddamn mofo. I may, in actual fact, finish a three-chapter BDSM fanfic before the end of this week. For real. The epic, long-ass WIP is about ready for another chapter to be posted, with the following chapter in the midst of edits, with the following chapter of that in progress of being written. My OF stories are behind, but that’s because I’ve been pouring the effort in to these fanfics which are so freaking close to being finished and I desperately need to have something to hold up as ‘done’.

I need accomplishments in my life, and how.

Did a writing sprint w/ my writing buddy last night:

W/C: 625

Not great, but I also got some editing done, so I can’t exactly complain. I fear I'm slacking off/slowing down. That may be normal, given I'm a month in on this new plan. So far, it's rendered 16,500 words for a variety of fics.

So. Close.

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Warning: TMI below:

If I finish stories, work for myself writing, when I’m cramping on my period I could lay down on my own bed with the cats until the meds kick in/it’s over.

I have no news to report on the job fronts. I'm not yet working from home, nor have I heard from the retail store, nor have I completed any job applications. Ugh. I should fill out an application to a temp agency, shouldn't I?

Progress Report:
Tuesday, I did another writing sprint with a buddy. Typed up 1100 words. Yesterday we did it again, but this time I spent the 2 hrs editing. I want to gain word count, obviously, but if I want to start ‘finishing’ and posting fic, I have to fucking edit, too. TIME. Why is there never enough?

That’s a chapter of fic done, guys, about 8,000 words.

Done. Dun dundun dun DUUUUN. (except to send to a beta to go over my concerns)

Tonight, I need to schedule myself for another 2 hours and type shit up, all on my own w/o writing buddy. This weekend is another 8 hour writing sprint.  

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Last night was my last with the retail job!

I celebrated by hanging out w/ my friends at The Bean and playing Munchkin: Apocalypse. And generally talking too much.

Today, I did writing sprints w/ my local writing buddies over IM. Got 2700 words typed up on one of my original, Rome-themed short n’ smutties. Am stoked this process of doing the writing sprints is getting shit done. With my weeknights free, I’ve scheduled a few hours worth of sprinting w/ my buddies on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. That should be worth near 2000 words. 

This evening, I’m going to run to the grocery store to pick up food necessities and cook for the week upon my return. Then eat, then shower, then bed. Tomorrow night is for editing and laundry. So much to do, so little time--somewhere in there, I need to scope out some part-time work.

I am the rain against the boulder. Let’s move mountains!

Edit: I've never spoken so "too soon" as now. My car has a flat tire!!!! I must go and spend money I don't have on new tires. Fan fucking tastic.

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Things would be wonderfully falling into place if only I had any money.


I’m now confident I am not going to be hired on for the retail gig. They’ve already let the people who they’re going to keep know they’re being kept on. Who are not me. There is a part-time position open in the department I worked in which we can/I will apply for, but I imagine they’re trying to hire people to that position from within rather than take on a temp. If that fails, I might have a shot of being brought in temporarily around Easter for a few weeks, but that’s pretty much that.

It’ll be back to searching for a new job for me. Somehow, I’ve got to financially hold out until April because that will be my 5 years w/ the phone job and they will fully match my 401k contributions. That will mean a few thousand dollars difference, so I really do have to hold on until then. So that means I should hit up a temp job service to see about earning a little side monies here or there.


With my full-time phone job, I got the news that we’re being sent home sometime in the next two weeks. If only this job paid $13-14/hr. Just $280 more a month would be enough to meet my bills. Imagine having a job that doesn’t suck balls, requires only minimum customer contact and you can do it from home AND you can write on the side (w/ none the wiser).

Back to it:

W/C: 80 (I know, but my type time was interrupted by twin phone call and during work I was editing, which I don’t count towards type totals)

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I’m reasonably certain I will not be hired on for the retail job, with next week being my last week. I’m reasonably sure of this because I was not scheduled to work Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


I’m glad I’ll once again have free time/a life. I’m stressed because I’m left in the exact position I was in back in October: broke, in debt, in a job with no hope for a raise. If I’d buffer money, I’d be happy to begin a new job search and begin my 2nd job writing short n’ smutties. Sadly, I do not have that buffer money any more. So now I’ve got to work out what I’m going to do.




GUYS. I DON’T WORK TOMORROW. Both of my jobs give me tomorrow off!!!! I have a whole day to myself! Dare I say it? I have to get my new phone ordered, but after that, I could do whatever! My resume is updated. . .I could see about flinging it around, see if anyone will bite. Probably not. How horrible is it that my best bet is to sitzpinkler and write. I should plan what I’m going to work on. Hell, I should do some writing tonight.


Yesterday w/c:

100 words typed up

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Once again, a reviewer begs for update.

I am the Winter Desert.

I wrote 600 words original fic yesterday. I shouldn't've been typing fic up at work, but when I open my mail to pleas for moar fic, I feel guilty as all get-out and angry I can't do much about it. Because lack of time.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY. The webcams would just be for one-on-ones. I'M NOT GOING TO BE CONTINUALLY MONITORED. THE TWO COMPUTERS APPROACH COULD WORK (so long as they actually send me to work from home).
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Nothing is going according to plan.

You know that second job I got in retail in order to pay off bills and squirrel away money so that I could spend January-March writing and building a backlog? My heater busted and I spent the money fixing it!

I accidentally spilled coffee on my phone and broke it; it works 100% fine except no one can hear me talking. This. . .might not turn out to be a bad thing. I’ve paid insurance on this phone and my contract is up in March. I could pay the $150 deductible and get a brand new version of my phone, drop my carrier and switch to a new provider where I’d only be paying for their plan, not the phone.

My cruise job says that sometime end of January, start of February, they expect to move me home. I was very pleased, as that is a key part of my plan, until my boss said they’d be getting us webcams. That’s right. Fucking webcams. Do any of the other departments require their at-home employees to have a camera pointed at them, monitoring their every facial expression? To make sure they’re not doing other things while they’re on the clock? No, they do not.

Will I be able to initiate my plan to write in my downtime on my own laptop if there’s a webcam planted on me?




Fucking fucking fuck.

It’s all coming apart.

I realize now my plans were all gossamer in nature, that my total lack of a security net has gotten me into a lot of trouble; that my bank’s inability to send me a fucking debit card (it’s been over two months—they keep sending it, it doesn't arrive at my home, twice, they send it to the branch which is in a grocery store, the grocery store can’t find the mail key, the branch didn’t get it and I have 1, maybe 2 days of the week I can go in to the bank if I’m lucky because I work TWO JOBS ALL THE TIME).

I heard a rumor at the retail job they’re interested in not just hiring on 5 newbies, but 16. But I’ve heard no noise specifying me so they might not want me at all and I'll be SOL in a week. I haven’t even heard when, precisely, the gig is supposed to end. But, if they do ask if I’d like to stay on, I’m going to say yes. With a miserable, heavy heart, I will say yes and ask if I could work a few less hour a week and not work at all on Saturdays so I can have one day a week off.

And then, I might just have to say, ‘fuck sleep; sleep is for the dead. Fuck a clean house; it’s good as long as I change the litter box. Fuck making my own meals, I’m going to spend my little extra dough I’m earning on take-out’.

This is not likely to work. At all. I am so far behind on my writing. I got so little done in December under the expectation I’d have a squirrel fund for three months. I have no savings—I’ve not have savings in years. It’s taken working two jobs to pull in more income than I spend. I have a house I love, but never spend any time in it.  

You guys, the truth is, there never was a plan. I thought there was, but that’s what plans are: a fuzzy, vaporous fantasy in your head. There’s only the now. If I can't make writing my thing, now, while working two jobs, it's not going to happen. Something will always come up. Life will happen regardless of any plans I make. I need to live in the now. Get back to the WriMoing schedule because, hey, the WriMoing schedule CLEARLY WORKED GANGBUSTERS. Who knows when I'll get it typed up; who fucking cares? I just need the first draft. 

Ugh. I hate to harp on but FUCKING WEBCAMS. Goddamn it, goddamn it!!!!!  Srsly??!!!  

Okay, stopping; I've wasted too much time venting when I could be getting on the writing program, but an update was needed.

I hope everyone else is okay.

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Yeah. My superamazing word count has gone kaput thanks to the combo of extra work hours (yes, on top of my already full hours), family visit (I regret nothing, that was a wonderful visit), and to to it off, I am sick with a cold. I was out yesterday, flat on my back in bed full of cold medication and amassing a pile of used tissues. I am the worst sick patient. Today I'm out of bed, but am still sick. I debated going in to work this morning; it's time and a half on Sundays, and I was scheduled for 8 hours. That's a lot of money to little ol' me. But I am a drippy faucet and contagious as all get out and it goes against my principles to be a plague carrier or utterly exhaust myself by being up on my feet for 8 hours one day after battling a serious cold.

Here I am, at home. I relaxed, ate a bunch of soup to fuel healing. Napped. I don't think I feel much better this evening than I did this morning, but I don't feel any worse. Gonna drink some tea and see to WriMoing. I will at least type up a few pages of my longhand from earlier this month. I'm a bit fuzzy in the head.  

I'm not 100% pleased with my work this month; there were a few afternoons I absconded from the requisite minimum of sitting down to write for a simple hour, family visits and illness excluded. However, I've written about 7,000 words for 3 different writing projects and read two books. Considering my terrible performance before November and how little free time I've had to achieve this, it's a vast improvement.

It's a lot to type up and edit. I need to get on top of that. Fingers crossed that in January my day job sends me to work from home and I can begin writing in earnest. And now that I've had both the flu AND a cold in the past 3 months, I can't get sick again this winter! (I say, miserably blowing nose.)  


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