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This evening, I picked up my badge for Comic-Con International, 2009. I planned to get down there at about 6—not the best time, but I’d be able to peruse the books, get some autographs, pick up free stuff. It occurred to me that even if I picked up my badge, Chrissy would still need to pick up hers tomorrow morning. Lines and other extraneous waiting activities are not enjoyed during the con, so I called her up and asked if she wanted to come down and pick hers up as well. She made a split-second choice and agreed to join me. When she got to the apartment, she fed Natalie and changed her. I called effex to warn her that she needed to send me an email of what she wants or forever hold her peace. As usual, I plan to acquire two of everything and send them to Texas. She requested that I document the Twilight madness. I would, if there was nothing better to do. Being as I have a Holly Black panel, followed by Psych to attend, I have things that interest me to do. Not that I won’t brave the Wilds of the Green and acquire photographs of Twilighters in their natural setting. I don’t want to be around when they’re whipped into a manic frenzy.

Natalie cried in the car on the way over—we hung out in the car feeding her. When we joined the badge line, it stretched down to the green, then curved back to the door. I’d heard that the Twilighters were camped out on the green, so wondered where everyone had disappeared to . . . and then I saw this ). And this )Uh, yeah. Those kids are nuts.

Saw bunches of people with awesome Draco Malfoy bags that were being passed out over at the WB booth. Will attempt to snag one tomorrow morning. Will take photos and post.

Pushing large baby carriage around dealer hall is not optimal, though it does sort of part the waters. After I got a shiny new, autographed, “The Looking Glass War,” Natalie grew upset again. Chrissy took her out to burp her, and Natalie ended up doing some stellar puking pyrotechnics all over Chrissy’s shirt, down her leg, and on her shoes. I did not take pictures.

Won’t be posting daily, but since next week I’m babysitting Natalie Dru for four days, I should have plenty of time to give a daily account.


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