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It took me all night to a) find and b) write/edit/order business cards for conventions. I had to find ones visually appealing, that are thematically appropriate for a person who writes erotic fiction, and of course are the sort of design that my information fits/looks good on. I think I did alright for an English major. 
Ordering was absolutely necessary. The deadline to receive the cards before the PHXCC was last night. I can not, I am not, making the same mistakes I made last year where professionals and designers and Naomi Novik were asking after my 'portfolio' or for a business card and I had nothing to give them, closing so many important connections and doors. 
Obviously, I don't have any stories written/published/posted aside from my fanfiction. I'm not ready to publish any short stories yet. I fear I won't be ready for another year which is not necessarily bad. I imagine it's better if I start late and publish good stuff on schedule rather than start early with bad stuff and be unable to maintain/keep a schedule. And I DO have stuff to promote: my fanfiction! Yeah, it's two stories, one long and unwieldy that's incomplete, but in all I have over 100,000 words of smut posted on the internet. That's not nothing. Not to mention, I would like to make friends and show off my cosplays, passingly professional. And I wouldn't mind spreading my tumblr urls like glitter-herpes. These are worthwhile to make friends and promote interest in my creative works.

Maybe I have gotten a little ahead of myself. Perhaps it was a little forward to include a pen name for erotic fiction I've not published yet and won't for a while (I was thinking ahead, about how I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO REPRINT, I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY). I've got legit stuff I want people to take notice of and now, if Naomi Novik's asks for my card so she can call me about doing cosplays for her new book, I can proudly hand over a professional card. Instead of getting home, realizing my mistake and crying fat tears all over the preview booklet for Uprooted
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Does what it says on the tin.

And to sum up the fun:

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It's be a while since last I updated my little blog, then again, I haven't had a whole lot of news (positive) to report. However, I went to the Phoenix Comicon, and that means cosplay!

The concept behind this year's cosplay was a Lolita-style Eleventh Doctor. She is the Doctor and she is Adorable! I found a jacket/vest combo second hand that were too perfect for words:

The vest I re-cut and retrofitted. Note the perfect grandpa-buttons!

This shirt was the result of a visit to another second hand store. I meant to go in and find a shirt that fit, which I could disassemble and use as a pattern for a proper Doctor Oxford. It only needed fitting, which Kali was more than happy to assist me with.

This skirt was the biggest project. Tulle, perfect Eleven shirt fabric from season 5 thanks to, and creating the black top skirt cover from scratch, then lining it all . . . it was more complicated than I anticipated, but holy heck, the end results look fantastic.

Then, I needed accessories! What Eleventh Doctor would be complete without a fez, but how to make it Lolita cute? The answer: tiny, beribboned fez.

To save the universe, you need a mop. Mops aren't terribly cute, but parasols are both cute AND Lolita. Thus, the parasol mop was conceived.


Coco helps!!!!!



Idris enjoying her Thai ice tea.

Hipster Disney princesses! 

Then gettin' all gussied up and prancing about as Lolita Doctor!


First, a Dalek tried to photobomb us while we were taking a group pic:

So I fought it off with my parasol

And a group photo with John Barrowman:

More photo fun:


I have more cool cosplay pics that do not involve me over at my tumblr,

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I mentioned I had found the perfect 11th Doctor jacket and vest with the exception that it's too large, right? Here's a photo:

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You have your Doctor cosplay to finish. You do NOT need to be thinking about a Galadriel costume. No. Bad. NO.
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So effex reminded me of getting some beading done and post things to etsy and I thought, hey nerdy stuff does well. I did a bead mural of the standard of Gondor to be attached to a purse. I could totes finish that, try and sell it on etsy--what with the Hobbit coming out soon, that purse might do well. Hell, I might want to make a few of those. But it takes FOREVER to do those the SCA way. It would be great to have a loom. But I'd need one that can handle, like 100 beads across and not seed bead, Japanese Delicas. All I've ever seen in stores is the max 20 bead, seed bead looms at craft and bead stores. Hey, I wonder if ebay might have something along those lines . . . w'holly shit yes! Yes, ebay does. For $20. With a pretty colored guidebook. Why yes, I will buy now. 

I also found an 11th Doctor's men's jacket WITH A MATCHING VEST at Goodwill for $18. I will need to find a pattern for a woman's jacket, take it apart and put it back together. Maybe learn how to do lining. Will seek out replica 11th Doctor's shirt and bow tie. And suspenders, not to forget. And then work out what to do about a skirt (sooooo want to do a skirt). Boots! More boots! And I'll need a screwdriver. 

Oh no. Projects. 


Do I have the money for any of this. Not really. Do I care? . . . . . Not really.
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I. . .I don't know if this will ever be topped: 

Four's scarf/train.


Edit: AND I FOUND INDIVIDUAL, PRO PHOTO SHOTS: Eleven has a mop parasol. A. MOP. PARASOL. *DIES*!i=1884626038&k=XXX4jKt 

Edit: This went down here in Tempe. al;sdfja ;shfd;ajkl dfladnf;ndfvjkndfhjkadfhj;asdfhjkadf hfgdnjcvzhio;areg hioeranvfdhvfd;adi;fdgihxcbnkl;ergahiopergaiophdfrganl;dfjiohdfbklnerghiocbxnjgaerhiofgdhioergqjlfdvb
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Zippers for the petticoat? Check.

Light-weight bustle that looks fucking amazing? (an astonished) Check. 


1. 'Finish' on velvet so I'm not shedding + tassels.

2. Extend skirt. (might involve re-dying and cutting lace)

3. Yellow Phone Box and sign post (will be stopping at Home Depot, as Goodwill has not furnished what I need)

The Thursday schedule has posted. Am so, so, so v. excite!


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It's time to start on all those 'improvements' (finishing) I wanted to do on the IDRIS dress. 

A month, oh hell.
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Disaster has struck: I must not have gotten all of the bleach out and overnight, my lace has turned a nasty pinkish hue. Total disaster. Might have to bleach AGAIN, then try dying it AGAIN.

In other news, this cold has turned my nose into a snot fountain and my throat hurts. WHY HAS IT GOTTEN WORSE INSTEAD OF BETTER? I've fed it tea and juice and taken naps and not exerted myself for three days and this had better be its last throes. Am going to lay down and not think about how inept I am at this fabric dying thing. 
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Might have solved the color problem:

I think I'll wait for my swatch sample to arrive before I jump in and do any final sewing. It's frustrating that I can't get any real sewing done until I've chosen/created the right fabrics.  
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Progress on the IDRIS costume is progressing. Am not entirely happy with the lace, but it's near impossible to replicate.

Here's the petticoat in progress (Ampersand was 'helping'):

The yellow is broadcloth called "Banana cream yellow". The tulle for the ruffles is. . .shower curtain.

And the lace and blue backdrop:

I think it's too blue. Needs more grey. And it's a bit too cheerful. Not to worry. Will be doing more dye tests tonight for the lace and see what can be done about it. 

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Acquired: retro 70’s yellow telephone with curly-q cord and purple velvet cloth, both purchased for $4 from Goodwill.

This costume will be amazing.
Am off to do more work on X-Files fic.


Aug. 6th, 2011 09:46 pm
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I’ve come up with the crazy notion of making my own IDRIS costume. Because I have all the time and the monies. Right.  The level of awesome it’d be to make myself, the fun of having a craft project to work on and the resulting fun it’d be to dress up when it’s all done . . . yep. Worth it.

So far I’ve got patterns (on sale!), ribbons (cheap), and some cloth for a petticoat called ‘banana cream yellow’. Next up, I need to find the right lace. While I know it’s best to start from the underthings and work my way out, the color of the lace, might tint the color of the cloth underneath and since it’ll be harder to find the right lace than broadcloth, that’s where I’m starting. Spent hours yesterday scouring the internetz for the right lace fabric. Still haven’t seen anything that’s matches the color or pattern—not even something similar; might have found a ‘close enough’, but it’s not like I don’t have a few months to keep searching. After all, I must do well at work this month if I’m to make enough to purchase a sewing machine.

Least I have a goal that'll be fun to work toward.

And a cat on my lap. What more can a girl ask for?  


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