Jan. 14th, 2015

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Things would be wonderfully falling into place if only I had any money.


I’m now confident I am not going to be hired on for the retail gig. They’ve already let the people who they’re going to keep know they’re being kept on. Who are not me. There is a part-time position open in the department I worked in which we can/I will apply for, but I imagine they’re trying to hire people to that position from within rather than take on a temp. If that fails, I might have a shot of being brought in temporarily around Easter for a few weeks, but that’s pretty much that.

It’ll be back to searching for a new job for me. Somehow, I’ve got to financially hold out until April because that will be my 5 years w/ the phone job and they will fully match my 401k contributions. That will mean a few thousand dollars difference, so I really do have to hold on until then. So that means I should hit up a temp job service to see about earning a little side monies here or there.


With my full-time phone job, I got the news that we’re being sent home sometime in the next two weeks. If only this job paid $13-14/hr. Just $280 more a month would be enough to meet my bills. Imagine having a job that doesn’t suck balls, requires only minimum customer contact and you can do it from home AND you can write on the side (w/ none the wiser).

Back to it:

W/C: 80 (I know, but my type time was interrupted by twin phone call and during work I was editing, which I don’t count towards type totals)


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